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Here’s How You Can Maintain Your Sexual Health

December 6, 2023

Right now, the buzz word is ‘safety’. Wherever you go, you see people wearing masks, sanitizing their hands, and maintaining as much social distancing as possible. Even though the safety measures have intensified post the pandemic took over normal lives, yet, come to think of it, safety is a necessity whether it’s during the pandemic or not.

Being sexually active means you, as a woman, need to understand what constitutes safety. Your sexual wellness lies in your hands and the choices you make. If your sexual health goes for a toss, then things get complicated quite quickly. Let’s understand how you can maintain your sexual health.

Protection Is The Name Of The Game


Contrary to popular belief, protection is not a means for just birth control. Using a condom, - either the male or the female version - keeps you safe from sexually transmitted diseases that include, but are not limited to HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, etc. While HIV is irreversible, it doesn’t mean that the others are not risky. Sexual illnesses often cause a lot of discomfort and protection keeps them at bay. After having sex, please watch out for any symptoms or abnormality and in case you feel there is something wrong, please do not try to treat it yourself. Book an appointment with your gynecologist to rule out or root out any problem.

Use The Most Appropriate Birth Control Methods

With medicine advancing leaps and bounds, contraception techniques have multiplied too. However, not all the methods might suit you. It’s therefore essential to consult with your gynecologist to take a closer look at your health and then make an informed choice on the type of contraceptive you should opt for.

More Is Not Merrier

When it comes to sexual wellness, it is wise to keep a tab on the number of partners and if possible, limit them too. Even though having protected sexual intercourse brings down the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease considerably, yet, there is no eliminating it altogether. Multiple partners pose the risk of having an unknown sexual history, thereby increasing the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases. Better still, it’s best to have one partner.

Regular Visits To Your Gynecologist

Your gynecologist is one person you should be setting up an appointment with on a regular basis. Having routine check-ups can keep you in the clear and also let you know if something’s not right. Checkups like a pap smear, blood tests, and pelvic scans might seem cumbersome, but they are the best friends for your sexual and reproductive health. It’s essential that you visit your gynecologist regularly to make sure that your sexual wellness is not compromised.

Choose Your Products Well

These days, the supermarket aisles are filled with products for sexual wellness. From lotions and creams that claim to whiten and brighten your vagina to other products that claim to maintain the right pH balance down there, there are many choices for you. The key is to make these choices well. Firstly, do not use a product if it is not needed. Secondly, check with your doctor if the product you have picked is safe and does not have side effects. Each body is different, which means what works for someone else might not work for you. Since your reproductive organs are very sensitive, please do your research and check with your doctor before using any sexual wellness product.

Be Clean

Hygiene is extremely critical to sexual health. Simple things like using a public washroom can land you in immense trouble because of infections, so always be careful. While taking a bath, please do not use soap or any detergent to clean your vagina as they are way too harsh for your skin there and can disrupt the appropriate pH balance. Be sure to use a product that your doctor has recommended. Apart from that, clean your vagina from front to back every time you pee. Also, always pee after intercourse. If you use toys for your pleasure, make sure that they are cleaned thoroughly after use and stored in a hygienic space as well.

Lubricate And Hydrate

One of the most ignored aspects of sex is lubrication. In case you are not naturally lubricated before sex, you can opt for a lubricant. The key here is to communicate with your partner, because without lubrication, the skin in and around your vagina will get bruised, which apart from being an unpleasant experience, can also make you very sore. While using a lubricant, make sure that it’s either silicon-based or water-based as oil-based lubes can tear the condom. Drink up lots of water too.

Period Talk

Your periods are also indicative of your sexual health. While on your periods, please make sure that you change your pads regularly. If you are using a tampon, that also needs to be removed regularly. If you are someone who uses menstrual cups, it’s essential that you learn how to use it comfortably. Please clean your lady parts well during your periods. It’s also best to avoid sexual intercourse during this time.

With these pointers, you should be able to achieve sexual wellness. Remember, your gynaecologist will be able to help you best, so do not avoid it.

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