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Fun activities to do with the family this New Year!

December 3, 2020

Create a fun filled keepsake with your kids with this simple time capsule idea. Filled with memories, drawings and fun questionnaires! This is a really fun activity for the New Year time and easy for everyone to get involved.Wondering what you have to do exactly? Below are the steps to follow:


Ideas to work on: If you are pregnant right now, you can start collecting memories for your child to view later on. Over a period of time, the child can see all that was stored for him or her to cherish. You could also work on other ideas like : Wedding Time Capsule, Birthday / Anniversary Time Capsule and so on.Collect all your wonderful memories of the year and cherish them at once, when you are bidding goodbye to this year and welcoming the new one.Explore our Just Kidding magazine through our virtual magazine experience to read some more interesting topics on parenting!