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Failed IVF Cycles- What Next?

May 10, 2024

Couples who are facing fertility issues opt for IVF treatment. It is an assisted reproductive procedure that helps in the fertilisation of the sperm and egg in a controlled environment. This treatment involves both surgery and medicine. It is a highly recommended procedure for couples with various types of fertility problems. On average, an IVF procedure's success rate is approximately 50%. Hence, some might require several cycles to become pregnant. Repeated failure of the IVF cycle can be disappointing to couples and cause depression. It is essential to look for other options after numerous failed IVF attempts. Here are steps to be taken after failed IVF cycles.

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What is IVF?

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a medical procedure that involves fertilising eggs and sperm outside the human body in a laboratory. The fertilised egg or embryo is then implanted in the uterine cavity. IVF is successful when the embryos implant in the uterus. This fertility treatment might take several months and has 50% success. Thus, multiple cycles increase the chance of a successful pregnancy.

Reasons for a Failed IVF Cycle

There are various reasons for the failure of this fertility treatment. Each person is different, contributing to the procedure's success or failure. The age of the woman, the quality of the egg and sperm, quality of embryo, implantation issues, abnormalities of uterus, immunological causes are the significant reasons for a failed IVF cycle. Chromosomal abnormalities are also one of the reasons for unsuccessful IVF treatment. The success rate usually increases when you go through multiple cycles. It is always recommended to consult with a fertility specialist to diagnose the exact reason for IVF failure.

Things to do After Failed IVF Cycles

Repeated IVF failure is quite frustrating for couples. A repeated failed IVF cycle does not mean you can never conceive. If you have experienced repeated IVF failures, don't lose hope. Several options can be considered:

1. Take a Second Opinion

It is always good to consult a gynaecologist or the best IVF doctor in Hyderabad to discuss and assess the underlying issues and find out the actual reason for repeated failed IVF cycles.

2. Additional Medical Tests

Consult your doctor and go for additional medical tests to find out the exact cause of infertility. These test results would be helpful in the success of future IVF cycles. The tests include genetic screening of couple and embryos, hormone tests, immunological profile of couple, DFI testing , endometritis screening panel, ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array )and hysteroscopy/Laparoscopy.

3. Reassess Your Treatment Plan

Reevaluate your treatment plan according to your recent medical or fertility test results. This can help increase the chance of getting pregnant even with repeated failures of the IVF cycle.

4. Think About Alternative Treatments

When IVF treatment does not give you favourable results, consider alternative therapies with your doctor, including IVF through egg donation, embryo donation, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, artificial insemination, and gestational surrogacy.

5. Make Changes in Your Lifestyle

After repeated IVF treatments, taking proper care of your health is essential. Adopting healthy lifestyle changes can make your body ready for a successful pregnancy. A balanced diet, physical activity, and a stress-free lifestyle can bring positive results in your future IVF cycles. Avoiding smoking and drinking can significantly increase the success rate of IVF treatments. Opting for adjuvant therapy like Accupuncture,Yoga will also help in improving chances of conception.

6. Seek Support

Women who face repeated IVF failures are very depressed. They must not hesitate to get emotional support from their partner, family, and friends. Connect with an IVF support group; this can help you stay motivated and continue with fertility treatment with confidence. Consult therapists who can help you manage your emotions and get out of depression.

7. Visit a Reputed Fertility Clinic

Visiting a reliable fertility service or doctor when you are looking for options after repeated failure of the IVF procedure is crucial. Visit the best fertility hospital in Hyderabad to have a successful IVF cycle. Research the reputed fertility centres and inquire about the experiences of friends and family members with various facilities. This would help make the right choice after repeated IVF failures.

Optimal Time to Proceed for the Next IVF Cycle

Deciding on the exact time to proceed with your next IVF cycle with repeated failures is a matter of concern. Your body requires sufficient time to heal after successive IVF procedures.

You must be emotionally prepared to proceed with the IVF procedure after repeated failures. It is highly recommended to wait for one menstrual cycle and then opt for the IVF treatment. Your body requires time to recover from the effects of hormone treatment. Your fertility specialist may ask you to wait for a longer time if you suffer from specific fertility issues that reduce the chance of getting pregnant through IVF treatment.


1. What is the next step after IVF failure?

The next step after IVF failure is to look for alternative fertility treatments that can increase the chance of getting pregnant. Changing the treatment plan can be very helpful in getting pregnant after IVF failure.

2. How long after a failed IVF cycle can I try again?

It is usually recommended to give your body sufficient time to recover after repeated IVF failure. Usually, you can go for the next cycle after one menstrual cycle. But if you have specific fertility problems, then it is better to wait for a longer time.

3. What happens to my body after a failed IVF cycle?

Failing to conceive through IVF can cause significant physical and emotional strain on an individual. Your body experiences specific changes due to the effects of hormonal medicines taken during the IVF treatment. The first period after every failed IVF cycle may be heavy and painful.

4. Can I try it naturally after a failed IVF?

IVF failure does not mean you can never become pregnant. It is possible to conceive naturally even after several failed attempts at IVF. So, you can definitely try for pregnancy after repeated IVF failure.

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