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Common Summer Illness in Children

September 28, 2023

Do your children love participating in various outdoor activities during their summer vacation? If yes, then your children are highly susceptible to various summer illnesses. The seasonal change can result in various health problems. The scorching sun puts an extra toll on your kids' health in the summer. They get exhausted and completely drained. It is not possible to keep your children indoors for a long time. We must look for ways to protect kids from various illnesses due to excessive heat. Taking care of small things can help your kids cope with the hot summer and avoid the expected summer illnesses. Here is a detailed outlook on the common summer illnesses in toddlers that you must watch for.

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When your kids spend too much time in the hot sun, there are chances of sunstroke. This can put your body under stress, resulting in an increased pulse. Your child might lose consciousness at times due to sunstroke. It is important to keep track of the amount of time spent in the sun to avoid medical emergencies. They must take frequent breaks and drink water at regular intervals to escape from sunstroke and other kids summer illnesses.

Food Poisoning

The chances of food poisoning among kids are high during the summer. Your children love to hang out with friends and share food. Germs thrive on food in hot and moist conditions. This results in food poisoning in kids. The common signs of food poisoning are stomach pain and less urination. Your child may also suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc. due to the infection in their stomach. This can make your kids tired and dehydrated. Drinking a lot of fluids can help them recover quickly. Make sure that your kids eat well-cooked food.

Water Borne Illnesses

Various waterborne illnesses like cholera, typhoid, etc. are common summer illnesses in kids. It is mainly caused by eating and drinking food outside. This can cause severe abdominal pain and dysentery. Staying hydrated can help kids recover quickly. Eating clean food can help kids stay away from water-borne diseases.

Heat Boils and Rashes

This is quite common in the summer. Too much exposure to sunlight can result in skin allergies. This can cause sunburns, rashes, and heat boils in kids. Heat rashes are caused when the sweat ducts are blocked due to excessive sweating. This results in itching and rashes. Properly closed clothing, hats, sunglasses, etc. can reduce the exposure of your kids skin to sunlight when they are outdoors. Apply sunscreen lotion, which protects your kids' skin from harmful UV radiation. This keeps them safe from heat-related issues.

Chicken Pox

This is a contagious disease due to a viral infection. This is common during the summer, especially in younger kids. Children develop rashes, blisters, and boils all over the body, accompanied by a fever. It takes a few weeks for the condition to subside. Intake of fluid can speed up the recovery time.


This is the most prevalent eye infection your child may suffer during the summer. This usually spreads from one person to another. The possibility of this eye infection is quite high during the summer. The UV radiation affects your eyes and results in infections. It is always good to wear sunglasses for your kids when they step outside. Make sure that your kids wash their eyes often to prevent eye infections.


The poor air quality in the summer can increase the chances of asthma in kids. The higher humidity levels also contribute to symptoms related to asthma. Your child would find it difficult to breathe. It is better for your kids to stay indoors when the air quality is poor.


It is a group of viruses that cause respiratory infections in kids. It is also called summer flu. The common symptoms are a cold, a runny nose, nausea, etc. The virus can also cause hand and foot-mouth disease in children. Ask your children to wash their hands after playing

Insect Bites

Insects thrive better during the summer. So your kids are prone to insect or mosquito bites. Dengue and malaria are some of the diseases spread by mosquito bites. The bite of other insects can result in various illnesses in children. Ticks can also cause potential health diseases. Apply repellent creams to your kids to prevent insect bites. Dress them in long pants and full-sleeve shirts. This can help avoid diseases spreading through insects.

The above are some of the most common summer illnesses in children due to excessive heat. Summer is all about enjoying outdoor activities with your kids. A little care and precaution can protect them from common summer illnesses.

Tips to Prevent Children from Summer Illness

It is important that you take proper care of your kids during the summer. Here is a list of things that you can do to protect your children from summer illnesses.

  • Make your child wear loose cotton clothes to avoid sweating due to excessive heat in the summer.
  • Avoid eating uncovered foods or cut fruits.
  • Make sure your kids wear sunglasses and hats to protect them from sun exposure.
  • Ensure that your child drinks a sufficient amount of water throughout the day. Offer them plenty of fruit juices, tender coconut water, etc. to keep them hydrated in the summer.
  • Encourage your child to exercise daily to avoid exhaustion.

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1. What illness is most common in summer?

Some of the common summer illnesses are sunstroke, food poisoning, skin burns and rashes, chicken pox, and others.

2 Can kids get sick in the summer?

Yes, kids can get sick more often in the summer than adults. This is due to excessive heat; your child may feel exhausted and dehydrated. Continuous exposure to sunlight can put them at risk of skin allergies, sunstroke, dysentery, and other illnesses.

3. What are the summer diseases among children in India?

Children in India suffer from certain diseases during the summer. Sunstroke, food poisoning, conjunctivitis, asthma, typhoid, chicken pox, measles, and others are some of the summer diseases your kids may suffer from.

4. What are the seasonal diseases of children?

Children are mostly affected by seasonal changes. Some of the seasonal diseases are chicken pox, typhoid, malaria, dengue, food poisoning, asthma, etc.

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