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BCG Vaccination In A Nutshell

May 25, 2021
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Ever since its inception, the BCG vaccination has protected millions of children from tuberculosis. The vaccine consists of live bacteria that cause Tuberculosis, causing your body to create antibodies to this particular disease. One of the main BCG vaccines uses is that it prevents you or your child from getting tuberculosis, a serious disease. The tuberculosis vaccine (BCG) gets its name from Bacille Calmette-Guérin. It has been around for 80 years and is considered to be the most widely used vaccine in the country.

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When is BCG Vaccine Given?

  • The tuberculosis vaccine or BCG is often administered to a newborn soon after birth, especially in high-risk countries like India.
  • It is usually administered as a single dose on the upper arm conventionally on the left arm.

Things to know about the BCG Vaccine

  • The BCG vaccine may result in a small red bump at the vaccination site. The bump will gradually crust and fall off after six to ten weeks. It will leave behind a small BCG vaccine scar.
  • In some cases, the BCG vaccine is used for treating bladder cancer or bladder tumour.
  • The BCG vaccination consists of only a single dose, often administered soon after birth.
  • BCG is a part of the National Immunization program in India, as well as several other countries.
  • The BCG vaccine cannot be used to treat tuberculosis.
  • The BCG vaccine has also been proven to protect children from disseminated TB and meningitis.
  • People travelling to or around tuberculosis-ridden countries are advised to get the TB vaccination.


Get your baby vaccinated with BCG at the earliest for complete protection from tuberculosis throughout their entire life.

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