Best Pediatrics Hospital in Gurgaon

At Cloudnine Gurgaon, India’s leading women and child healthcare hospital, you will find the best possible comprehensive pediatric services for children of 0-12 age group. We provide a wide range of generalized and specialized healthcare services for children.

The pediatric services offered at our place include treatment for Common cough, cold and fever, Asthma, Food allergies, Skin infections, diarrhea, constipation, colic pain, vomiting, ENT problems, Pediatric cardiology, Pediatric surgeries, Nutrition counseling for toddlers and children, Developmental pediatrics, Behavioral disorders, Immunization, Pediatric and adolescent endocrinology etc.

We have a fully equipped Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) to provide technologically advanced treatment and emergency care to every child. We also offer special tests for the newborns such as hearing test and Guthrie test (identifies any enzymatic or biochemical disorder). With such high-tech tests and screenings, we hope to set the international standards for the pediatric care and services in India.

Our expert team of Pediatricians provides the best pediatric care in the city. Our friendly children’s specialists and special kid’s center make the pediatric hospital a kid-friendly place. The specially designed kid’s play area keeps the atmosphere happy and relaxed which in turn facilitates in the speedy recovery and healthy growth & development of kids.

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