Welcome to Cloudnine, Sector 47

Cloudnine’s spacious facility at Sector 47, Gurugram is a cradle of wide-ranging services in maternity, gynaecology, paediatrics, cosmetology and fertility. The facility births over 105 new miracles every month, a number that is reflective of its remarkable gold-standard maternity ecosystem.

Maternity on Cloudnine, Sector 47

Cloudnine, Sector 47 is renowned for its immersive pregnancy experiences, made possible by the It’s Our Baby Programme, Cloudnine’s flagship maternity programme. The It’s Our Baby Programme, composed of prenatal workshops, Lamaze sessions, a baby shower and an award-winning Management of Baby Affairs workshop, is designed to extend all the way from early pregnancy to early motherhood. The programme is crowned by a well-designed postnatal care capsule, comprising lactation sessions, a full-body fitness assessment and nutrition counselling.

Doctors on Cloudnine, Sector 47

Cloudnine, Sector 47 hosts 95 full-time and consultant physicians across paediatrics, gynaecology, obstetrics, fertility, nutrition and fitness, mental health and lactation.

Highlights on Cloudnine, Sector 47

As a hospital with a commendable track record of high-risk and premature pregnancies and deliveries, Cloudnine, Sector 47 has gained recognition for its intricate treatment plans. Notably equipped with a Level III NICU, the centre is home to a strong and seasoned clinical team that has delivered babies as premature as 26 gestational weeks and as light as 600 grams.