Dr. Bhavna Banga

Dr. Bhavna Banga

Director - Reproductive Medicine & IVF

MBBS , MS , Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, Advanced Fertility & IVF training (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, Brazil)
Director & Unit Head - New Delhi ( Kailash Colony), Director – Noida.
New Delhi
20 Years
Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi
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About Doctor

Dr. Bhavna Banga is an internationally trained dedicated fertility & IVF expert with clinical experience of over 20 years. Her fertility and IVF practice is channelled by extensive training in India & at renowned fertility units overseas. She blends the best practice from East and West to optimize reproductive outcomes. All the treatments are evidence-based, not merely based on speculations, and personally carried out by Dr. Banga herself, hence reinforcing the concept of personalized medicine. What sets her apart is her positive approach, approach-ability for queries, personalized attention, and evidence based tailor made treatment options. She is the Director in the Department of Reproductive Medicine & IVF at Cloudnine hospital, Noida & currently Heading the Fertility & IVF Department at Cloudnine Hospital, Kailash colony ( South Delhi). Prior to Cloudnine she was Director and Head at Max healthcare. She has completed her MBBS from Prestigious University of Pune and Masters in Obstetrics & Gynecological from Renowned University of Mumbai. She also has a Clinical Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine from Gujarat. Post MS, she has undergone Advanced training in Fertility & IVF at many World renowned centers ( UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil ).

She specializes in curated individualized protocols to optimize reproductive outcomes in female & male infertility treatments .
This has been possible through her intense dedicated passion in reproductive medicine by blending the best practices from world renowned Fertility center's where she has gone training .

Specialty Interest

·        Testicular sperm retrieval ( TESA/ PESA).                                                  

·        Micro surgical varicocele repair            

·        MicroTESE ( Advanced testicular Sperm retrievals)                            

·        Pregenetic testing(PGT -A / PGT SR ) 

·        Medical management of Male Infertility.                                          

·        Fertility enhancing surgeries ( Male &Female )                                             

·        Donar program ( Egg / Sperm / Embryo ).                                        

·        Fertility preservation ( Egg / Sperm /Embryo).                                  

·        Surrogacy

·        IUI / IVF / ICSI

·        Management of Endometriosis / PCOD / Fibroids /repeated miscarriages

·        ERA test

·        PRP treatment

·        Frozen embryo replacement


  1. Monash IVF, Melbourne (Australia)
  2. Yale Fertility , Yale University (USA)
  3. Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University (Canada)
  4. Homerton University Hospital, NHS, London (UK)
  5. Weill Cornell Male Reproductive Centre (New York)
  6. Androfert, Centre of Excellence for Male Infertility, Campinas (Brazil)
  7. IVI Valencia (Spain)

Past Experience

  • Director  & Head, Department of Reproductive Medicine & IVF, Max Healthcare Delhi & NCR.
  • Director, Department of Reproductive Medicine & IVF, BLK Hospital- Delhi
  • Senior Consultant & Unit Head, Department of Reproductive Medicine & IVF, Fortis Hospital, Delhi NCR
  • Clinical Associate, Genesis Fertility & IVF Centre, Pune
  • Senior Residency, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, SMS Hospital - Jaipur    


Director - Reproductive Medicine & IVF



DMC-60437, UPMC-79242, HMC - 013021






What our customers are saying about:

Dr. Bhavna Banga

Customers Feedback | Dr. Bhavna Banga | South Delhi & Noida | Cloudnine Hospitals

We got married in 2008 but faced many issues when we tried to get pregnant. We consulted many doctors and hospitals. At our first meeting with Dr. Bhavna Banga, the remark "Preeti, you will be a mother" gave me a lot of confidence and she continuously motivated me. Those two blue lines on the pregnancy test were the best moment of my life. There are many women craving to become a mother. I just tell them to go to Dr. Bhavna Banga! Thank you so much!"

Mrs. Preeti

Dr. Bhavna Banga

"I met Dr. Bhavna for my fertility treatment as I was unable to conceive naturally. Dr. Bhavna always treated us as a friend first and then a patient. she explained to us all the process step by step. During the procedure she told us to relax and it happened very easily. Dr. Bhavna Banga is a kind hearted doctor. She's always available and she reminds us about taking medications and injections. I would like to say thank you to Dr. Bhavna Banga for completing my family"

Mrs. Astha

Dr. Bhavna Banga

"After being diagnosed with adenomyosis, cysts and PCOD, we were referred to a fertility expert but wanted a second opinion. That's when we found Dr. Bhavna Banga. After the second consultation, we bonded well and decided to get further treatment done with her. Our conception happened in the first go under Dr. Bhavna Banga's care. She is very humble and puts our fears to rest. The best part was Dr. Bhavna Banga would be personally present for all the ultrasounds. It was a very, very good experience"

Mrs. Shivani

Dr. Bhavna Banga

"We tried to start a family for many years, but without success. A radiologist gave me Dr. Bhavna Banga's reference. Dr. Bhavna suggested doing the "Eeva Test" which predicts the selection of the right embryo and right time for transfer. The test results diagnosed the exact problem. After the test, the embryo transfer was done at the right time and I got a positive result. Dr. Bhavna Banga is a person who's there 24/7 at your side. There is no one else who can give you the confidence like she does during the toughest phase of life and bring miracles. Thank you"

Mrs. Shalini

Dr. Bhavna Banga

There was no single day when you missed to remind us on critical tests, medicine or diagnosis. It was a feeling like we were so important to you that you can’t afford to break that trust we had in you and lead us in the path of extreme pain in case of failure. This usually is not expected from a professional unless the person is connected to you as your own. I also remember that day when you said to me - you will definitely have a baby. Each of your actions or words was like that god herself is treating us. And here we have our baby in our arms after 9 years. As I mentioned above, words might not justify our feelings and gratitude to you, but | really want to thank you for everything... May god give you a long life so that you can help others the way you helped us. Thank you so much doc....


Dr. Bhavna Banga

Videos by

Dr. Bhavna Banga

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"Reproductive issues concerning women are commonly discussed and treated, but unfortunately, the same cannot be said for men's reproductive and sexual health. One such case is that of Erectile Dysfunction. In this video, Dr. Bhavna Banga, the Director of the Department of Reproductive Medicine and IVF at Cloudnine Hospital, Noida, discusses Erectile Dysfunction, a topic often overlooked. She touches on its causes, investigations and emphasises the need to seek medical attention for the correct diagnosis and treatment"
How to prepare for embryo transfer day I Dr. Bhavna Banga
"The more clarity we have about IVF the more helpful it is, as IVF can be quite emotionally taxing. Listen to Dr. Bhavna Banga, Cloudnine Hospital, IVF and Fertility Specialist, Kailash Colony and Noida, as she explains how patients can prepare themselves for embryo transfer and what is to be expected on the day of embryo transfer"
How to gauge the success of a fertility cycle | Dr. Bhavna Banga
"n IVF cycle can we very stressful when there is a lack of accurate and trustworthy information. Listen to Dr. Bhavna Banga, Cloudnine Hospital, IVF and Fertility Specialist, Kailash Colony and Noida, as she shares her perspective on gauging the success of an IVF cycle or Fertility cycle"

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Dr. Bhavna Banga

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FAQs about

Dr. Bhavna Banga

Which city and centers, does Dr. Bhavna Banga practice at, on Cloudnine?

Dr. Bhavna Banga practices at New Industrial Township, Faridabad, Sector 51 - Noida & Kailash Colony - Delhi.

How can I book an appointment with Dr. Bhavna Banga?

You can book a consultation with Dr. Bhavna Banga via 'Cloudnine' app, through the Cloudnine website, a phone call on the customer care no, or directly from the hospital

Why do people consult with Dr. Bhavna Banga ?

Patients frequently visit Dr. Bhavna Banga for IVF & Fertility issues related consultations and treatments.

When can I book an appointment?

Anytime via 'Cloudnine' app or Cloudnine's website.

What does Dr. Bhavna Banga qualify in?

Dr. Bhavna Banga has the following qualifications: MBBS , MS , Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, Advanced Fertility & IVF training (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, Brazil).

What is Dr. Bhavna Banga a specialist for?

Dr. Bhavna Banga is a IVF & Fertility specialist.

Dr. Bhavna Banga- Fertility Consultant, Faridabad, Delhi & Noida - Book Appointment Online, Fees, Reviews, Contact Number | Cloudnine fertility Noida | Cloudnine Hospitals

Dr. Bhavna Banga is the Best Fertility consultant in New Industrial Township, Faridabad, Sector 51, Noida & Kailash Colony, Delhi. Book Appointment Online, View doctor fees, read user reviews and real patient feedbacks, Contact Number - 099728 99728. Dr. Bhavna Banga is a full time Consultant at Cloudnine Hospitals - Consult the Best & Experienced IVF & Fertility Consultant near you.