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"Happy to state our happiness over the most recent joy that happened in the history of my entire family. Pregnancy is a gift from God which we suffered for the last 24 years with out positive result, after several attempt to success which includes visit to different hospitals, consultation by native and medical doctors, prayers and so on , all to no avail. Until of recent discovery of a professional, consultant and versatile gynae doctor (Dr. Bhavna Banga) who is a director of the IVF centre hospital india introduced to me by Mr. Mehboob Sadal Khan. The treatment process of our infertility issues was done by Dr. Bhavna through vigorous review of our status and a solution was provided. Note that we have done IVF at six different intervals with different hospitals in Nigeria and all failed. But fortunately and technically we were able to have a new approach for the first attempt and with god intervention positive result was achieved at the long run which I can’t believe my self. Remember first circle with a success result. Today my wife is 47 years old while I am 51 years but we can now say we are parent of a child. Our joy so far is that we started the process with Dr. Bhavna in september 2022 and now we are in September 2023 which is exactly one year with our baby in our hands. On this note, I want to commend the effort of Dr. Bhavna, the team Mr. Mehboob Khan and in particular for making our dream to come true. Let me say a big gratitude to you Dr. Bhavna for your professional and selfless service, you are a doctor with a difference, your technical know how makes you to be a mother, we therefore salute your relentlessness for your courage and sacrifice, you are quite upright, down to earth, human doctor, cold minded, and above all your superlative display of your procefessional ethics. Mam keep it up. I want to call on people with similar issues like ours to try same with Dr. Bhavna Banga and see wonders, you will be proud indeed. We expect more from you mam. Thank you and god bless you more"
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