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Safe Ways To Manage Weight When Pregnant

December 3, 2020

Pregnancy is the only time in life where you feel its acceptable to put on those extra kilograms. But it can turn into weight dilemma for women who are already overweight. BMI matters and so does the weight gain differ from individual to individual. A pregnant woman can gain anywhere between 6-15 kgs depending on the category of BMI you fall under. The more the BMI, be careful on each kilogram you gain in your pregnancy.

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The factors to watch out for are your pre pregnancy BMI and the weight gain trimester wise during pregnancy. Remember that you should not go on a diet or try to lose weight during this period. Focus on eating the right nutrient dense foods and staying active.

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Let’s do the Swap to healthy way and lose those extra unnecessary pounds!  

Craving for an unhealthy snack?                                                                       Do a veggie or fruit swap. Make snacks at home and indulge on them the healthy way.

Bored of drinking liters of normal water?                                                         Substitute it with infused drink like jeera water, ajwain water, lemon , ginger infused drink,                                                                                                                                                          etc.

Drinking packed juices, squashes?                                                                     Opt for fresh fruit juices, fruit smoothies, soups & porridges.

Unhealthy fats – butter, margarine.                                                                      Choose on healthy fats like nuts, oilseeds, ghee.

Creamy soups?                                                                                                     Soup smarter. Choose brothy ones to creamy ones.

Deep fried snacks.                                                                                                Try lower fat methods of cooking like grilling, shallow fry, broiling.

Hogging on food in hurry                                                                                       Wake up little early, chew the food slowly, relish it till the last bite. Practice mindful eating

Large meals don’t mean you’re eating enough.                                                    Practice balanced portion-controlled meals.

Refined cereals?                                                                                                      Switch to whole grains.

Swiggy, Zomato lovers?                                                                                         Why not plan and cook the same meal at home together.

Too hungry?                                                                                                             Munch on some nuts and fruits.

Going out for a date?                                                                                              Plan on a lunch date than dinner date so that you have half the day to burn those extra                                                                                                                                   calories.

Tired of 1 hour of exercise?                                                                                  Consider breaking it up – 30 minutes, 15 minutes- Shorter blocks of time throughout the                                                                                                                                  day.  

Eating in front of TV.                                                                                              Beware. You will turn a couch potato. Dining table is the safer bet.

Salt, sauces, spreads in your dining table.                                                          Replace them with a basket of fruits and a box of seeds.

Hitting to a supermarket?                                                                                     Read the food labels. Count calories, fat, salt and sugar before you add them to your bill .

Does the plate appear boring?                                                                              Make it colorful with vegetables and fruits. The more colors, the more micro-nutrients you obtain from them.

Bigger bowls, plates and a large glass.                                                                 Slim down your cereal bowl, include smaller desert sized plate for lunch and fill them up with                                                                                                                                   more number of veggies. This will make you feel fuller just by the look. Cut down the large                                                                                                                                   cup of coffee.

Too full after a meal?                                                                                               Walk around the park or home.

Nutrients of importance:  

As we all know that the macro nutrients i.e Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats are the major part of the diet which is necessary in adequate amount for proper growth and development of the growing fetus. But there are other micronutrients and minerals which are of great importance too. These are calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, Folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids. So, balance it the right way. Choose on different cereals and combination on plate instead of opting for the same. Always make sure you add on some protein and fiber in each meal possible which keeps you satiated.

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The popular myth which goes around is Pregnancy means eating for two people which is absolutely false. Just including two to three small meals in between your main meals is enough to meet those calorie requirements. If the weight gain is excess, keep a log on what you eat the entire day and make changes.

Take away points:

  • Be watchful of your weight gain. Track it periodically.
  • Stay active and hydrated as much as possible.
  • Watch out for cravings. Choose on home-based meal and snack to ward off cravings.
  • Satiate your taste buds by munching on small frequent nutrient dense meals.
  • Do deep breathing exercises, keep off stress and always have a good sleeping pattern.

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Gestational weight gain results from various structural, functional modification to meet the nutrient requirements of fetal, placental growth, Amniotic fluid, increased blood volume, increase in adipose tissue, mammary glands. So, choose on smart healthy options to become healthy mothers and to be free of comorbidities.

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