Best Stem cell Banking Hospital in Pune

Gift your newborn a lifetime protection from various diseases through the Stem Cell Banking. Stem cell preservation can shield your little one against more than 80 life threatening diseases for a lifetime.

We care for the love you share with your tiny tot. Thus, Cloudnine has partnered with India’s leading stem cell banks to bring you Cryonine. Cryonine aims at providing you highly-specialized cord stem cell banking services. Our specialists provide you with complete information about Stem Cell Banking and its importance, so that you can come to a well thought out decision and preserve your baby’s precious stem cells.

At Cloudnine Pune, we offer you, a wide range of umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation services. These Cryonine Services (Stem Cell Banking Services) include;

  • Qualified counsellors to give the right information
  • Specimen collections done by trained and certified staff
  • 24×7 specimen collection and processing
  • Comprehensive lab reports
  • Cryonine Special Programs
  • Quality Assurance Program*
  • Client Care Program*
  • Disaster Relief Program*

Our aim is to gift every parent an opportunity to secure their unborn child’s future from life threatening diseases. To achieve this aim, we offer the best and affordable stem cell banking service in the country. So that, no baby is deprived of stem cell treatment in the future and very child has a safe and secure life.

*Ask for client agreement at the Cryonine desk at any of our facilities.

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