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Caring for a baby takes a lot of effort, patience and tender loving love. However, has it occurred to you that a good amount of these attributes ought to be directed towards your own health when you decide to start your family? After all, only a healthy mom can raise a healthy child.Instead of judging your health quotient, it is prudent to visit your gynaecologist prior to planning a baby to understand how fit your body truly is to deal with the demands of motherhood and parenting. Before you dismiss this as an unnecessary exercise, remember, this is as much for your baby’s wellbeing as it is for your own.A Frank Chat With Your DoctorSchedule a pre-conception session with your gynaecologist to better understand if there are any wellbeing issues you need to resolve before you conceive. Most doctors in reputed healthcare institutions are happy to talk to their patients about their medical history, vaccination record, allergies and lifestyle habits to determine their physical fitness before conception. During this session, your doctor will probe you about any existing medical conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid or anemia, which could affect your pregnancy. In case, you suffer from any of these health issues, your gynaecologist could refer you to a nutritionist and dialectologist to review these conditions and bring them under control before you conceive. The discussion would also include charting your menstruation cycle, any sexual or genital infection you might have suffered from or any birth control methods you might have used in the past. The doctor would want to know about any erstwhile gynaecologist issues, including an ectopic pregnancy. If you had undergone such a pregnancy, the doctor might recommend an ultrasound to ensure that all is well with the current pregnancy. If you have had a child before, the doctor is likely to ask about any pregnancy or post-partum health complications you might have encountered at that time. If your baby had any health problems at the time of birth, or after, this might be a good time to bring it up. Your healthcare practitioner is also likely to recommend a full physical examination as well. After a detailed discussion and physical assessment, you could be provided with a wellbeing plan, combining a healthy lifestyle, some medical supplements like folic acid and multivitamin pills as well as a nutritious diet to ensure that you are physically prepared for motherhood. Remember, no question is insignificant enough to be ignored during your chat with your doctor. In fact, a good doctor is always happy to answer all your queries and guide you correctly on your path to motherhood. So, bring out that writing pad, pen down your doubts and don’t be coy about discussing these when you visit your friendly doctor.

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