Taking a Home Pregnancy Test

Your periods have more or less been regular, but now you have missed it. Add to this, the past few days you have been feeling lethargic and a wee bit nauseous. Additionally, there is the slight discomfort you keep experiencing in your lower abdomen and the tenderness in your breasts. And why does the aroma of coffee, which you looked forward to earlier, now turn you off?Could all of these be indicators that you are going to be a happy momma soon?If reading this has tempted you to rush out and buy a home pregnancy test kit, pause awhile. It is advisable to take a home pregnancy test around a week after your periods were supposed to make their monthly appearance. This is because your body starts producing human chorionic gonadotropin, or the hCG hormone, when a fertilized egg gets attached to the uterus. This pregnancy hormone is best detected a fortnight after fertilization. Irrespective whether your periods are regular or not, it is always a good idea to wait a few days before taking this test.Choosing RightHome pregnancy detection kits are easily available over-the-counter at most pharmacies and even in some convenience stores. Different brands have different modes for testing. You might have to pass urine directly on a stick provided by some companies, while in certain brands you need to drop it on a testing well. Some packs require you to do the test first thing in the morning, while you can use the others anytime during the day.Kits from some brands are more sensitive than those from other companies and can detect pregnancy even a few days after your periods were due. It is therefore important to read the instructions carefully on the pack of the home pregnancy test kit before purchase and before use.In case you get a false negative but are confident that you might be pregnant, wait a few days before repeating the test. However, waiting for such good news is excruciatingly difficult. So why not visit your gynaecologist who will run a blood test, which is more sensitive than a urine test followed by a vaginal examination?A blood test can determine whether you are pregnant as early as six days after your periods are due. What’s more, with the physical assessment your doctor can irrefutably confirm the pregnancy. So why go through a long wait to learn about fantastic news in the offing, when your doctor can give you a conclusive reply within a day!

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