Pre-Pregnancy Test

Most of us have grown up watching movies where elderly ladies in a household would keep checking with their daughters and daughters-in-law whether their periods were on time. A missed period was a cause for jubilation because it was a surefire sign that the family would soon welcome a new member in its midst.
For once, the movies do not lie. A missed period is one of the most significant signs of pregnancy. However, your body might drop some other hints to announce this pleasant news. Usually these symptoms occur a few days after you miss your period. Of course, the important thing to bear in mind here is that not all women might manifest all, or even any, of these warnings.
Symptoms of PregnancyOne of the most common signs of pregnancy is the feeling of nausea – another indicator made famous by Bollywood movies to depict an expecting mother! Thankfully, in most cases, this sensation is not severe and itusually wanes off by the end of the first trimester.An occasional pain or discomfort in the lower stomach region is another manifestation of pregnancy as is the feeling of heaviness and tenderness in the breasts. These signs are byproducts of hormonal changes that your body undergoes to prepare for the birth and nurture of a baby.If you suddenly want to cuddle for longer hours in the bed or feel exhausted easily, you can lay the blame on a hormone called progesterone. The increased production of this particular hormone during pregnancy is said to be responsible for fatigue and change in sleep patterns in a pregnant woman. Some women also tend to become more emotional when they are expecting. One moment you believe you are on top of the world; the next moment you feel like weeping while watching a rom-com that otherwise would have you in splits! Once again, this is courtesy the changes in your hormones that influence neurotransmitter levels in your brain.Aversion to certain smells or food, a need to urinate frequently, feeling bloated – these too could well be signs of a pregnancy. However, if you do not experience any of these indicators, don’t fret. Just wait for a couple of weeks after your period was due before you get yourself tested for pregnancy. You can opt for a home pregnancy test, or better still visit a reputed hospital specializing in pregnancy and childcare to ascertain if you will soon be holding a bundle of joy in your hands.

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