Becoming a Mom, Diabetes Notwithstanding – Getting Pregnant Guide

guide - Getting Pregnant Guideguid mob - Getting Pregnant Guide Becoming a mother is one of the sweetest moments in any woman’s life. So, why should you let diabetes come in the way of enjoying this precious indulgence?Till recently diabetic women were considered high-risk pregnancy cases because their fluctuating sugar levels could affect their child’s development and birth. Not anymore though. Irrespective of whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, a normal pregnancy is possible with the right healthcare institution to guide you. To be able to achieve this, it is crucial that you identify and select a hospital that has a team comprising a dialectologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist and fitness therapist, in addition to a gynaecologist. The right team of experts can answer all your queries, allay your fears and guide you through your pregnancy and even after your delivery.Before you plan to start your family, it is a good idea to discuss this with your gynaecologist and dialectologist who might suggest some examinations. You will be advised to bring your diabetes under control for at least three months and reach a healthy weight before you try to conceive. This is easily done by eating lots of nutritious, fiber and vitamin-rich food, preferably in small portions several times a day, rather than having a heavy meal three times a day.Your doctor will also chart out an exercise plan for you. This does not mean you rush to sign up for a gym membership! Instead, all you need to do is make some lifestyle changes and incorporate various activities into your daily routine. For instance, why not walk a kilometer to your office and back rather than take the car? Or skip the elevators and take the stairs instead, and move around often instead of sitting on your chair throughout the day? Another rule of thumb you need to follow is to check your glucose levels regularly to see that there are no peaks. You can either do this at home or at a diagnostic center. In case there is a spike, try to determine what the causing factor is and avoid it, going forward. Also, whenever you have any ailments avoid self-medication and visit your doctor. If you are diabetic and planning your pregnancy, your doctor is not just your healthcare provider, but will become your comrade-in-arms, who will help you achieve your goal to become a mother. So keep that relationship warm, simple and transparent and follow whatever your doctor advises unfailingly.
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