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vaccination - Baby's Vaccination Milestonesvacca mob - Baby's Vaccination MilestonesWhile noting down the immunization dates for your newborn, have you wondered why babies need vaccines? An infant’s immunity system is not robust enough to tackle certain ailments, making medical intervention in the form of vaccines necessary.Vaccines fortify your child’s internal defense mechanism to fight against serious diseases. Since it is not possible, or advisable, for Vaccination at one go, your doctor will draw up an immunization schedule.Let us get acquainted with the mandatory vaccines that will feature in your child’s wellbeing calendar:After Birth:Hours after your baby’s birth, your doctor will administer a BCG shot, which protects against tuberculosis, as well as the first dose of Oral Polio drops and Hepatitis B vaccine.Between 6 to 8 Weeks: When your infant is a month and half old, the first dose for DTP, HIB and PCV vaccines will be administered. DTP vaccine builds immunity against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis; while HIB counters Haemophilus Influenza. PCV which is an optional vaccine offers protection against pneumonia and meningitis caused by the pneumococcus bacteria.Recently, the WHO recommended the inclusion of Rotavirus vaccine, which is again optional, in the schedule, which reduces diarrhea and dehydration. It is dispensed along with the second dose of Oral polio drops and Hepatitis B vaccine.Between 10 – 14 Weeks: When your baby is around 10 weeks old, your doctor will give the second round of DTP, HIB, PCV and Rotavirus doses along with the third dosage of Oral Polio drops. The third dosage of these vaccines is given when your baby around 14 weeks.Between 9 – 18 Months: Before your baby’s first birthday when they complete their 9 months, the doctor will give a shot of measles vaccine and the fifth dose of Oral Polio drops. The next vaccine, to prevent Hepatitis A, is given when your baby is a year old after the first birthday.Between 15 – 24 Months: Your toddler will get booster doses of DTP and HIB as well as immunization against MMR (Measles, mumps and rubella) between 15 to 18 months. Before turning two years old, your young one will be due for a booster dose of Oral Polio drops and the second dose of Hepatitis a vaccine.Optional VaccinesIn addition to these mandatory vaccines, there are some optional vaccines available too. For instance, there is an Injectable Polio vaccine given in addition to Oral Polio drops, as well as an Influenza injection that minimizes the occurrence of the common flu and also covers H1N1.The optional vaccine to stave off chicken pox is considered very important, as is meningococcal vaccine that protects toddlers from four strains of meningitis. Discuss these options with your pediatrician, who can share more insights on how these can benefit your child.
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