Signs of Pregnancy – Dispel Confusions About Pregnancy

Am I pregnant? Or am I not? Are you plucking a flower’s petals in an enactment of the he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not trick to figure out whether you are on your way to welcoming a new member in your family? Leave the guessing out of motherhood by learning about some common symptoms associated with pregnancy.One sure-shot symptom of pregnancy is a missed period, unless you are taking any medications, like steroids, that might disturb your menstrual cycle. However, if your periods are regular and you have missed one, take a home pregnancy test.This will measure the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG hormone in your urine to determine whether you are pregnant or not. Be advised though that these might not give you conclusive or correct results always, so might have to repeat the test after a few more days. If you want to drive away this ambiguity, opt for a urine test, a week after you have missed your period. Visit a good hospital or a diagnostic center with your morning urine sample to be tested.However, when it comes to ascertaining pregnancy, your gynaecologist is your safest and best bet. Your doctor will conduct a vaginal examination to find out whether your uterus has changed shape in preparation for the baby’s growth. You will also be advised to undergo an ultrasound sonography as early as around the seventh week of pregnancy to positively confirm your pregnancy; and the bonus is you can hear your little one’s heartbeat during this examination! This assessment will show the yolksac, which is a positive reaffirmation of the pregnancy, and rules out ectopic gestation, a condition where the embryo attaches itself outside the uterus.There are some other telltale signs of pregnancy like tenderness or soreness in the breasts, caused due to hormonal changes. Nausea is another symptom, though it does not occur until the lady is at least a month into her pregnancy. This can crop up (pun unintended!) anytime during the day, though it is most evident in the morning, which is why it is termed morning sickness. Fatigue is one more indicator of pregnancy as are mood swings and the need to urinate frequently. Some women also develop an aversion to certain smells or foodstuff.It is not necessary that a woman would manifest all, or any, of these symptoms. However, if you are trying to conceive and see any of these signs then you should visit your doctor without fail. After all, why languish in bewilderment about any good news in the making, when your doctor can announce it within a few minutes?

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