Doctor Visits During Pregnancy – What to Expect During Your Doctor’s Visit

Once your pregnancy is confirmed your doctor will become more than a health care provider. He or she will become your counselor, friend, guide and even a shoulder to sob on once in a while. Hence, it is important to choose a doctor who puts you at ease and with whom you can share your confusion and complaints.During the nine months of pregnancy, you might have to visit your doctor anywhere between 10 and 15 times. Typically, during the first and second trimesters you will have routine prenatal checkups every month. In the third trimester, you will have to visit the doctor every fortnight. In the ninth month, you might have to visit every week so the doctor can monitor the baby’s readiness for delivery.Preparing for a Prenatal Health CheckTo make the most of the time you get with your doctor during your routine prenatal health checkups, file all documented details (including blood test reports, ultrasound test results, medication prescriptions, etc.) related to your pregnancy in a single file and carry this with you. Your doctor can quickly go through it and come up to speed with your case history.During your visit, your doctor will enquire about your physical and emotional health and any health complaints. Discuss all your doubts and questions openly. Nothing is too trivial or unimportant that you cannot talk about it with your doctor. It helps if you write down your queries and concerns in a notebook and then discuss every point – it will save you and your doctor a lot of time. You can revisit this notebook if you experience any symptoms that you had felt earlier. It will help clear out your doubts without getting too worried about the condition.During your checkup your doctor will also physically examine you to check your weight and blood pressure. Next, the doctor will measure your abdomen, and check the position of your baby. You can also listen to your baby’s heartbeat through the Doppler, which is usually the highlight of most prenatal visits for expectant parents!After the examination, the doctor will explain her assessments about your condition with you. He or she will also counsel you on any lifestyle changes you might need to make for better health of your baby or yourself. If any tests have to be conducted, your doctor will explain these to you and ask you to bring the results on your next visit.If you suffer from diabetes, hypertension or IUGR, your doctor will suggest that you also meet the nutritionist, physiotherapist and a yoga teacher. It is best if you consider this advice seriously; because it will help you stay healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy and also help you during delivery.Remember, that ultimately each prenatal visit is targeted at determining how your pregnancy is proceeding. You are entitled to all information related to your baby’s wellbeing, so feel free to question your doctor if you have any doubts. Your doctor will be more than happy to allay your fears. After all, that is what good guides are for!

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