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Infertility Treatment in Lucknow

Infertility is diagnosed when a woman is unable to conceive after having at least a year of unprotected intercourse. It is when you require a doctor to examine the potential causes. There are several potential reasons for infertility. Ovarian dysfunction issues, fallopian tube obstructions or uterine abnormalities such as fibroids are frequently the root reasons in females. Infertility in males may be caused by a hormonal or genetic disorder, a disruption in ejaculatory or testicular function or both.

Age, smoking, alcohol and drug use, certain medicines, cancer treatments and other medical disorders are among the variables that can affect fertility in both men and women. A reproductive endocrinologist can identify potential causes, and suggest treatments and alternative remedies like artificial insemination and assisted reproductive technology.

Best Fertility Clinic in Lucknow

Cloudnine Lucknow offers a wide range of fertility and reproductive endocrinology treatments to complete your family and give you the chance to realise your dream of having a child.

After the age of 30, a woman's chances of becoming pregnant are dramatically less every year. A majority of experts advise trying to conceive for at least a year before consulting a doctor for women under the age of 35 with regular menstrual cycles and no other health or reproductive issues. Couples should contact a doctor after six months of futile attempts, nevertheless, if the woman is 35 years or older. Women over 40 years may think about getting more quick testing and care.

Recommended as the Best IVF Centre in Lucknow, we provide reliable and high-quality treatment and help you fulfil the dream of having a biological child. The Best Fertility Hospital in Lucknow is Cloudnine, which provides the best facilities and competent, experienced and well-trained medical professionals who adhere to global standards. All the patients receive the finest treatment and services from our team of professionals. We offer a personalised treatment strategy that significantly raises the likelihood of conception and pregnancy.

Cloudnine Offers Top-Class Infertility Treatments in Lucknow

You may see an expert at Cloudnine and put an end to your quest for the finest fertility clinic in my area. With the expertise of our hospital staff, doctors and embryologists you have the highest possibility of becoming pregnant. We are among the top infertility clinics in India thanks to our high success rate and our Lucknow branch is no exception.

Medicine, surgery, intrauterine insemination or assisted reproductive technology can all treat infertility. Intrauterine insemination and medicine are frequently combined. Infertility therapies are recommended by doctors depending on:

1. The elements causing infertility

2. The length of the condition

3. The female's age

4. Following counselling regarding the likelihood of success, hazards and advantages of each treatment option and the couple's preferred course of action.

We provide several therapies that may be used alone or together. In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF), tubal assessment, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), cycle monitoring, blastocyst transfer protocol, surgical sperm retrieval, ovulation induction, egg vitrification, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy procedures, doppler test and urological procedures, andrology services for male infertility, among other treatments, are a few of the treatments.

Find the best IVF specialists at Clounine Lucknow. To book an appointment for a consultation with our professionals, contact our hospital or download the app.


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Dr. Hina Ali

Dr. Hina Ali

MBBS, MS (OBGYN), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (Gold Medalist), Trained in Hysteroscopy & Laproscopy.
Senior Consultant - Fertility Specialist,
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Gomti Nagar,

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