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Hi! I am Bijoy Krishna, she is my wife Sonali Das and this is our little baby angel. Just got it from Cloud 9 and thanks to Cloudnine hospital Whitefield. We consult Dr. Reshu Saraogi and very thankful for that. We started consulting her from day 1 and until now she has been so helpful and professional. she is to the point she will not jump around not run around the bushes soldiers give you to the point information. that is very good for recent hard times that we faced and she was the one who suggested Cloudnine Whitefield. We came for all the scans over here. Thanks to Dr. Hima, she was very helpful during the scan and it was an enjoyable experience I must say. And then came the day when we had to get admitted here. the rooms are very good management is very good staff was very good sisters are very good she could you know sisters are like family members they will tell you to feed and they tell you to do everything. Very thankful to the entire staff. And Mr. Varun from our support staff has been very helpful. Thank you! Thank you very much.
Mrs. Sonali and Mr. Bijoy

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