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"We are pleased to share that we have been blessed with a beautiful angel Shanaya Malik, all thanks to Dr. Neha with the Midas touch. The journey of the last nine months went so smoothly as Ma’am has always been a great guide and support. I google everything and I can't believe that I never had to google a single thing in the last 9 months as Ma’am was just a message away to clear my doubts. She is so positive in her approach that I used to eagerly wait for the next appointment. Thank you so much for everything. We would like to thank Dr. Neha for her immense support and warm gesture. We would like to thank the entire Cloudnine team for making this journey beautiful and smooth. To begin with, the one woman who clears all your (non-medical related) doubts be it anything or everything is Miss Moumita, she is very nice. The pediatricians and lactation consultants are very helpful and the nursing staff at the hospital is supremely supportive, special thanks to Anita, Madhu and Premlata. The dieticians and F&B team are very caring, they ensure that the new mother is fully pampered and gets to eat whatever she wants, my special thanks to Rajeev and Lalit"
Mrs. Nidhi Kapoor
Kailash Colony

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