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We do not know what to say as we are experiencing mixed emotions because it is our first child. We had an amazing experience here. Starting with Dr. Meeta Chauhan who has taken care of his across is 9 months. She has taken very good care of my wife and she suggested all the required things for healthy maternity. When we got admitted for the delivery, the staff were very helpful and we experienced a very friendly atmosphere. Due to some unexpected cases, my family was not here to take care of me so, at the time, the nursing team has really helped us. We don't know how to take care of the baby. The staff not only took care of me and my wife but also taught me how to take care of my baby. They taught things such as changing the diapers wrapping up all these things extra. I am very experienced within a matter of two days of the experience of handling a baby and all thanks to the nursing team. And the next time I wanted to share my experience about is the housekeeping team they were also very amazing and very professional and they take care of people very nicely. I would especially like to name Bandana, she was good at taking care of things. Lastly the insurance team, I was very confused about all the documentation because we had never experienced these things. But the insurance team really helped. Thank you so much Cloudnine.
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Rahul

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