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We just had our first delivery in Whitefield Bangalore. We had a very pleasant experience. My doctor Dr. Reshu Saraogi and is a fantastic doctor. The duty doctors here are very communicative so I did not get tensed about the labor and the rest of the process we had a very peaceful experience. Including the baby care and after the delivery the communication between the doctors and staff nurses was really supportive. So, yes we have taken this kind of package and I think it was worth it. There was a baby shower and everything! We really enjoyed the experience here. I would just like to summarise that we had a very pleasant experience at Cloudnine Whitefield. So thank you to each and every sister, the housekeeping staff, and everyone else involved. We would especially like to thank Sister Ankita who is a lactation expert. The housekeeping staff Vandana and Bhagya also and of course Mr. Barren. So thank you, everybody!
Mrs. Ishwarya and Mr. Niranjan

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