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I have delivered my baby on 5th Oct and it was a normal delivery. So first when I came to meet Dr. Shobha Venkat. I had heard a lot about the doctor from so many people. So going through her portfolio, I decided to meet the Doctor when I got pregnant. From that time, she motivated me to do exercise and all. So I was in Indira Nagar. So I came here when we shifted to Hebbal. But still I was coming from that far too because she... The way she motivates me and tells like Pregnancy is not a disease and all . So I am impressed of those things. And we are like, we'll go with the doctor and we asked if it's far? But she told No no it's not far, you can come. She is always motivating us, she is always saying you can deliver your baby normally. Don't worry, everything going to be good. We heard a lot about her and yes, we highly recommend people to go with Shobha Venkat. I had diabetes also in between the pregnancy but the way she told go for exercise and all those things really helped. And the way she motivates me , I highly recommend her because in my delivery time also she came and the way she motivates me during labor pain like I can't explain those feelings. The way she treated was second mother like. Thank you Doctor, thank you Cloudnine.
Mrs. Divya and Mr. Priyank
Old Airport Road