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We came for an emergency delivery in the middle of the night and the staff were very helpful and very professional. They calmed us down. Doctors immediately came to see us and we were informed that we have an elective C-section in a couple of hours. Right through the process even though it was quite horrific, personally the staff and the doctors in Cloudnine were very professional and very caring. They were able to empathize with the situation at the same time deal with it very professionally. My little bundle of joy came to this world at 6am in the morning. Throughout this whole process as a father have a stay outside but the staff here were giving me regular updates of what was happening to my wife and child's welfare. But they also followed very strict rules and did not allow anybody to come into the recovery room, maintain the highest standards of cleanliness safety, and hygiene. By 9:30 a.m. we were back here and since then the staff has been treating us very well. I would like to make a special mention to the nursing staff in particular who have literally been our back support. As now was first-time parents we were quite anxious and we have this nursing bell-button that we press and somebody would be there almost instantly. And every single time was always with a smile never a frown regardless of the number of times we have asked them to come. Thank you Cloudnine
Mrs. Carolina Naib