As a Father, I Felt Special Being Part of the Birthing Experience

Being Bangaloreans, we had seen several Cloudnine facilities around Bangalore, but it was when my sister delivered there that we realised just how wonderful it really was. We visited Cloudnine for the first time in our very first month of pregnancy, my sister insisting that my wife Nandini, consult there. Naturally, we booked an appointment immediately.
The pregnancy experience on Cloudnine was memorable and I still vividly remember the day Nandini delivered; I was ushered into the operation theatre, to be part of the whole birthing experience. I felt awfully special. How many fathers in India can say that they watched their child being born? Few, I’d imagine. All the way through our pregnancy, Nandini was told that she was likely to have a natural birth. Even our medical team was hopeful, even on the day of her delivery. And yet, even after being in labour for close to nine hours, our medical team realised that our little bundle had other plans. Thus, a C-section became the only route to delivery.
At the time, our gynaecologist, Dr. Padmini Isaac was out of town and we weren’t sure whether she would make it for our delivery. No prizes for guessing, I was a nervous wreck. But my anxiety was short-lived, because Dr. Jyothsna Madan had apparently been asked to step in well in advance. And she steered the delivery beautifully. Having been admitted at 10 in the morning, Nandini finally delivered at 7 p.m. that day. All in all, the Cloudnine experience was flawless, and I’m glad we took the decision to deliver here.

By - Mr. Umesh

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