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We are very thankful to you for giving us our life our little bundle of joy our prince charming. You are amazing person full of positivity and a great doctor I have ever met. Its only your positive attitude and hard work which leads us to successful result in the very 1st go itself. It’s a long journey of 8 years to reach here. We have tried several doctors in Pune, Delhi, Mujaffarnagar, Aiims…. so many medicines so many failed IUIs then we finally decided to go for IVF to give it last try. No clue no reference just searched on Google nearest IVF doctor and found Dr Bhavna’s name that time we didn’t knew that how amazing doctor she is, we setup an appointment and met her…she explained us the process in detail and answered all our queries patiently she was in mode to explain us the each and every aspect of IVF not in hurry to convince us to start the treatment with her. We have taken a month’s time to do some more research and went to some other fertility centre as well to explore and doctor we met their straight forward said to me that you have taken such a prolonged medication and your age factor you have very little chance to conceive we left from their with more negativity. We went to doctor Bhavna again and every time we met her we feel so positive and that’s what we need at that time as we had very little hope after so many failures in last 8 years. We finally started the treatment and never seen such a doctor who is so approachable and who cares about your appointments more than you. As I am working doctor was so flexible to advise how you can manage your dosage nearby, you don’t need to rush to hospital unnecessarily. Every time we go to the hospital we read on the notice board other people stories (today I am happily writing one) that we got success 3rd time. 4th time… and we are like hamara to kanha hi Hoga 1st time mein.. but Dr Bhavna made it possible. After egg retrieval Dr waited for 2-3 cycles and done 2 hydroscopy to get the everything right for me sometimes we felt how long we had to wait but we trusted her and asked her do whatever you feel is good for us. She assured us that she was trying hard to make the situation best for us to work. Finally day came and transfer was done, after the procedure Dr explained us all the medication at last when she said date I had to do the pregnancy test guess what it was my birthday. After 15 days I took test on my birthday and got the best gift of my life from Dr Bhavna. Today I am a proud mother of baby boy and he is now 7 months old.
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