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THANK YOU NOTE FOR DR BHAWNA BANGA BY KUNJAN KADAM ATRI B – BEWITCHING H - HEAVENLY A – ACE AND ATTRACTIVE W – WELL QUALIFIED N - NOBLE A -ACCOMPLISHED B - BENEVOLENT A - ACE N – NEVER GIVES UP G - GREGARIOUS A - AMIABLE It was year 2018 that we completed 06 years of our married life marred with struggle and moments of happiness with dream of becoming parent. While I (Kunjan -39) was confidant of nurturing a life my partner Amit(43) was constantly testing my resolve to be a mother. Though 6 years had elapsed, no progress what so ever seemed to be happening on that front. Despite my unwavering intention to be mother, my frustration seemed to be rising and occupying a prominent state in our mind despite our numerous unsuccessful attempts . After staying in Kolkatta, Roorkee and then moving to Delhi we had started working towards adoption of a baby girl. Despite numerous queries from family and friends about our family planning and our desire to have a child in which we had failed miserably. It was at this point of time that a friend suggested us that we must forget all our previous efforts and should visit a doctor by the name of Dr Bhawna Banga. He not only suggested us the doctor but was also kind enough to accompany us to the doctor’s office. So without much exuberance we went to the hospital with our friend to meet Dr Bhawna Banga. To our pleasant surprise Dr Bhawna was a treat to interact with. Her vivacious presence and effervescence nature made us so much at ease that the fact that we were in a hospital was totally lost out in our thoughts. We were so mesmerized with her presence that from a likely doctor patient relation we were huddled to the shrouds of a friend who had both beauty and brain in place to provide a protective blanket to us when we needed it most. Starting from the day one she answered us all our queries and removed any apprehension that we had . Her serene yet powerful presence was so influential and awe inspiring that we were willingly ready to follow her to the eternity. The most worrying concern about the future prospects of mine was to continue with my job or to resign was answered with a sheer conviction of big no by her. This conviction was so much convincing that all my doubts perished in a second that my outlook was transformed into a positive and optimistic approach about the treatment even while I am on job. Right from the day one Dr Bhawna kept us informed about the whole process which generated tremendous confidence in her with each passing day. Dr Bhawna despite being super busy woman always ensured that the activities of the day were discussed ,planned and executed in the right most spirit rather than a mere procedure. Dr Bhawna has been extremely approachable and supportive throughout and I knew I could reach her anytime . Once I panicked due to the random spotting and read all sorts of info on google but after speaking to her I felt much at ease. The comfort that emanates from her always has a calming effect on me . Dr. Bhawna has also been lovingly gentle and firm with her guidance while performing the treatment. All during the OPD ,medications and surgery she was present with us with solutions ie medicines and injections to be taken pre and post procedure . Her clear outlook on the medications and the alternatives and importance of taking injections at the time frame helped us in achieving the IVF results without realizing the pain that I had heard from others . Her willingness to be available on WhatsApp was a boon as she guided us thoroughly at each step with her messages and voice clips which were particularly magical. On the day of transplant she talked at length about the quality of eggs and precision with which procedure was adopted and also helped us increase our faith in prayers. The one incident will be particularly remembered by us and cant be forgotten speaks volume of personal touch that Dr Bhawna is involved in her case. Further it shows immense faith and confidence that she exudes in her professional skills. The day Dr Bhawna messaged me to do the pregnancy test and inform her about the results I messed it up being in state of anxiety. Without looking properly at the kit I felt that the results are negative and informed Dr Bhawna and on my own stopped the prescribed medicines. However after a day Dr Bhawna called us up and strictly instructed me to do blood test which turned out to be positive. Our destiny changed on that day when the tests were detected positive. We want to thank you for the important role that you've played in bringing our twins into our lives, `through advanced medical treatment, alternative and complementary care , personal support, love, enigmatic presence, conviction and excellent professionalism that have given us the strength to continue trying and hoping for all this time. We are a family in part because of you, and we will never forget that. We also thank GOD for everything and to give us a unforgettable friend who is an excellent human being. Dr Bhawna you are a family for us . We will always be in touch with you for this life time for sure. You are simply “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.
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