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We are thankful to Dr. Bhavna who helped us in conceiving and become parents. We had been trying to conceive for past 3+ years. I always had irregular periods. After few months of our marriage, we realized that there was a problem in conceiving. We consulted a gynae and I was put on medications on every cycle due to regularize my periods and conceive but all in vain. I had an early miscarriage as well. We changed doctors and had two failed IUI’s. Before meeting Dr. Bhavna, I had undergone hysterosalpingogram (hsg) twice to detect any blockage in fallopian tubes. Fortunately, I came out clear and no such problem was detected in the test. We were doing what the doctors were telling us to do without us being a part of what exactly they were doing? , why were the IUI’s failing? , what protocol was being followed? .In short, we were not a part of our fertility treatment till the time we met Dr. Bhavna who took us through the entire process of our fertility treatment. We felt involved in the process. As a person, we found her very passionate and full of positivity. After going through my case history and getting necessary tests done, she was always confident that it might take time but I will conceive one day. Under her consultation, I had two unsuccessful IUI’s. We were emotionally drained but still confident as we had confidence in Dr. Bhavna’s approach. She suggested us to go for hysteroscopy, a laparoscopic process for uterus diagnosis and ovarian stimulation. Everything looked fine but we realized that I was a dense PCOD case. She asked us to take a call for another IUI or an IVF cycle. We decided for an IVF cycle and with god’s grace and Dr. Bhavna’s technical temperament towards her work, we conceived in the very first cycle. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy . All the efforts that Dr. Bhavna is making for the patients facing fertility issues is commendable. I appreciate the methodological approach that she follows in her profession. She is very intricate in handling her IUI’s or IVF cycles. After dense PCOD, a miscarriage, 4 failed IUI’s and 3+ Years of efforts; we were finally able to conceive only in 8 months time period under the guidance of Dr. Bhavna. Thank you would be too less to appreciate her efforts for helping us welcome our baby in to this world. Dr. Bhavna may you reach more heights in your profession and may loads of happiness follows you.
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