Best Neonatal Care Hospital in Pune

Cloudnine, the best NICU Hospital is committed to making your baby’s care a happy experience for you and your family.

At our neonatal care center, we look after babies born prematurely or who have other problems after birth. Our neonatal intensive care unit is specially designed and fully equipped with the latest technology to take care of the sick and vulnerable babies. We provide specialized nursery care for babies from 24 weeks gestation onwards. Premature babies (born before 37 weeks & after 24 weeks gestation) and sick babies are clinically assessed and cared for in our NICU until they can be transferred to the ward.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is certified by the National Neonatology Forum as Level III – the highest level of intensive care. It has the most advanced equipment in the world like GE Giraffe incubators and all required infrastructure to care for sick babies, including ventilation, HFOV and Nitric Oxide, amongst other facilities.

With our NICU services, we aim to support the family throughout their baby’s stay and encourage parents to become involved in their baby’s care. The qualified doctors, Intensive Care specialists, trained nurses, and other caregivers in the neonatal intensive care unit do their best to provide emotional support to the parents while caring for their infant’s medical needs.

The professional obstetricians and expert fetal medicine teams are experienced in dealing with mothers who have complicated pregnancies, and our NICU team is also involved at an early stage to plan the neonatal care of babies born to these mothers. We, the best neonatal care service provider work closely with our maternity unit to provide a complete prenatal service for pregnant women and their babies. </span

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