Corporate T&C


We, Kids Clinic India Private Limited (operating under brand name “Cloudnine”) rendering expertise services in the field of Maternity and Newborn Care services, intend to extend our services to full time employees of corporate companies.

Cloudnine will extend services in normal course of business and certain services will be extended at concessional rates on the terms and conditions mentioned below:

a. The employees of the corporate company or students of the educational institution (herein after referred to as ‘Client/Customer) will have to provide all valid documents that are required by Cloudnine. Services will be given to employees or students only after receiving all the required documents.

b. Cloudnine will extend discounts as specified in ……… on different packages in their hospitals.

c. The rate of discount shall be at the sole discretion of Cloudnine.

d. Cloudnine reserves the right to change the rate of discount on case to case basis.

e. It is specifically understood that there is no consideration for Cloudnine and it is a pro bono act on part of Cloudnine.

f. In the event the Client/Customer is covered under any medical insurance policy, the Client/Customer has to inform Cloudnine in advance without any delay. After getting the preauthorization from the insurance Company, Cloudnine will extend the services and difference amount if any shall be collected from the Client/Customer. Wherever required the Client/Customer shall pay the amount payable in cash immediately on availing a particular service.

g. This offer shall be valid until Cloudnine cancels/withdraws the same. Cloudnine reserves the right to cancel this offer any time without giving any prior intimation to the employees of the corporate company or the corporate company itself.

h. In the event of any dispute arising between the parties with respect to these Terms & Conditions or in regards to the discount package being offered to any patient who has availed services of Cloudnine under these terms and conditions, the same shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator and the arbitration shall be in accordance with Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996. The language of arbitration proceeding shall be English. The seat and place of arbitration shall be Bangalore and the decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties herein.

i. As per the terms & conditions, the corporate company and its employees shall not disclose any confidential information of Cloudnine or exchange any information of Cloudnine to any third party. The confidential information shall be protected by employees of the Corporate Companies and best efforts will be made to preserve the confidentiality of such information.

j. The corporate company or its employees shall not disclose the arrangement between Cloudnine and Corporate Company including the rates, discounts, and services offered by Cloudnine via e-mails.

k. All the intellectual property rights of Cloudnine including Party’s names, trademarks, logos or any intellectual property rights shall solely vest with Cloudnine and neither the Corporate Company nor its employees will have any right over the intellectual property rights.

l.No provision of the terms and conditions shall deem to constitute a partnership, joint venture, contract or agency or employment relationship between Cloudnine and the corporate company or its employees.

Annual Report 2020-21