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It’s Our Baby Programme

The It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine is a wonderfully crafted, premium baby-ready programme for expectant parents that extends from early pregnancy to early motherhood. Our expertise has shown us that couples who attend our award-winning workshops and sessions are much more confident and prepared for pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care. That’s why, the It’s Our Baby Programme has been designed as a marvelous medley of workshops, sessions and celebrations, offering you a remarkably seamless experience from belly to baby.

Its our baby programme easel - It's Our Baby Programme

Elements of the programme

Prenatal Workshop

The Cloudnine Prenatal Workshop is a select programme that connects you with a brilliant team of doctors and medical specialists who will share novel insights and tips on topics such as prenatal nutrition, changes in your body during pregnancy, stages of labour, pain relief during labour, Lamaze techniques and stem cell preservation.

  • What You Get: One Day Workshop.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: 4th Month of Pregnancy.

Prenatal Fitness Sessions

With our customised prenatal exercise plan, designed and demonstrated by our physiotherapists, practise customised fitness routines in the comfort of your home. Your exercise plan will be uploaded onto your fitness app, with regular monitoring and support extended by a designated physiotherapist.

  • What You Get: Unlimited Sessions.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: 4th Month of Pregnancy Onwards.

Prenatal Nutrition Sessions

Our personalised nutrition plans can serve to alleviate morning sickness, help you overcome medical conditions like gestational diabetes or high or low blood pressure, keep risks associated with low birth weight at bay and keep your baby healthy.

  • What You Get: Unlimited Sessions.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: 4th Month of Pregnancy Onwards.

Baby Shower

Our baby shower is a glorious event that we throw in your honour, to celebrate your journey so far. Festooned with cheery decorations and strewn with jarfuls of joy, our baby showers are a magnificent mix of unique events, lucky draws and personalised portraitures of you and your family.

  • What You Get: 2 Hour Session.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: 6th Month of Pregnancy.

Management of Baby Affairs

Our signature Management of Baby Affairs (MBA) programme lays the groundwork for your new role as a parent. Our versatile medical team includes a paediatrician, lactation specialist, dietitian, physiotherapist and nurse consultant. Each expert will shine a light on specialised topics that will help you understand and care for your newborn, such as feeding and sleeping techniques, baby massage and bath practices, breastfeeding and nutrition for new mothers, and the role of the entire family at home. Our specialists will also bust several myths associated with pregnancy.

  • What You Get: One Day Workshop.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: 7th to 8th Month of Pregnancy.

Lactation Sessions

Our lactation sessions will showcase ideal lactation practices for you to adopt. We will talk about your baby’s first feed, nursing positions and possible ailments you can prevent by breastfeeding your child. Of the three lactation sessions that you will attend, one will be during your lead up to delivery, and two in the first month after your baby’s birth.

  • What You Get: 2 Prenatal Sessions + 2 Postnatal Sessions.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: 8th Month of Pregnancy.

Lamaze Sessions

Lamaze is an exceptional combination of exercise, breathing and relaxation methods, that work together to alleviate pain during labour and promote a natural birth.

  • What You Get: Unlimited Sessions.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: 8th Month of Pregnancy.
lamaze breathing technique - It's Our Baby Programme

Exclusive Photo Series + Pregnancy Photo Journal

Photographs can serve as magical keepsakes, binding you to beautiful bygone moments. That’s why, we’ve made sure to include three professional photoshoots in your programme, each organised by Cloudnine’s official photography partner, G. K. Vale. You’ll receive six photos in total, two from each photoshoot. Along with your photo series, we will also gift you a custom-crafted pregnancy journal, a precious photo book that will allow you to chronicle your pregnancy journey with stories, pictures and notes.

  • What You Get: 3 Professional Photo Sessions + 1 Pregnancy Photo Journal.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: On Booking.
parenthood journey - It's Our Baby Programme

Postnatal Fitness Assessment

A postnatal fitness assessment is conducted by a seasoned physiotherapist who will assess your post-baby body and personalise a powerful, yet paced fitness plan for you.

  • What You Get: 1 Consultation.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: 6th Week of Postpartum.
fitness plan mommies - It's Our Baby Programme

Postnatal Dietary Counselling

Sourcing nutrients from the right mix of food groups is crucial in your early days as a new mommy. After all, if you are breastfeeding your baby, essential nutrients can fortify your milk and strengthen your baby. Nutrient-rich food will also allow your body to heal.

  • What You Get: 1 Consultation.
  • Ideal Time to Attend: 6th Week of Postpartum.

Claim your sliver of Cloudnine today. With the It’s Our Baby Programme, we promise you an experience of a lifetime.


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