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A valid prescription is all that’s needed to book Home Vaccination for kids

Upload the prescription online and book the service, with no extra cost*
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Don't worry if the child’s vaccine prescription isn’t available

Just consult online and get home vaccinations for kids with no extra cost*
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Cloudnine hospital, Bangalore is coming to your doorstep to provide your babies with crucial vaccinations/immunizations they’re aren’t getting due to the current situation

As your primary healthcare providers for pediatrics and maternity care, Cloudnine, Bangalore has designed a way to vaccinate your babies.

Invite us to your homes and we’ll provide vaccinations to your kids, especially the ones below 6 months of age.

Just consult your doctor on Cloudnine, Bangalore and book home vaccinations for your baby through Cloudnine Video Consultation app.

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We’ll be sending our ambulances to your residence. Our most proficient and skilled medical staff will provide those important vaccinations to your babies.

How to book ‘home vaccination at the doorstep’ service?

  1. Download Cloudnine’s, “It’s our baby app” or use our online appointment booking widget on the website to book important vaccinations for newborn babies
  2. Select the option to book a video consultation with our pediatrician/child specialist and inform the doctor about the vaccination.
  3. The doctor will write a prescription with the vaccines and it will be sent to the pharmacy.
  4. You will get a call from the hospital for the home vaccination schedule.
  5. A payment link will be shared with you and after payment, Home vaccination will be scheduled based on your preferred date and time.

*T&C:- Home vaccination is available in selected cities and is subject to availability of the ambulance and staff at the scheduled date and time.


We are religiously following these special safety measures:

  1. Hand Sanitizers are placed in all the necessary locations including OP, IP, and general areas and our vehicles.
  2. Dedicated staff deployed at the entrance of the hospital with an infrared thermometer to screen people having a high body temperature.
  3. Cleaning and disinfection of all areas of the hospital and our vehicles is done at every two-hour interval.
  4. Scrubbing of the room and disinfection of the equipment and our ambulances is done between post each patient’s use.
  5. We would prefer the patient attendant to be ideally the partner only. Any exception to this is at the discretion of the treating consultant.
  6. All baby cradles and beds are sanitized properly after shifting from OT to the room and between the patient’s use.
  7. Our staff wears masks at all times, washes and sanitizes hands every hour and when indicated between patient care.
  8. We follow government guidelines strictly.
  9. We follow national and international infection control practices at our hospitals.

In order to get a clear picture of how this works, please book a virtual consultation with Cloudnine’s pediatrician via Cloudnine’s virtual consultation app.

Cloudnine, Bangalore urges all new parents to go ahead with the first vaccine for their newborn baby. Please do not hesitate to connect with us. Our online video consultation with your pediatric specialist will make the process much easier, where you can click and go for an Instant chat with the doctor for any medical assistance regarding any issue relevant to your child and his or her history with vaccinations.

On Cloudnine,Bangalore Vaccinations are provided until the child is four years of age. We recommend the following Cloudnine’s newborn vaccine schedule 2020 in India.

  • Age
  • At Birth
    BCG+ OPV+ Hepatitis B
  • 1 ½ month
    DTPw / DTPa, HiB+ Hepatitis B+ Rotavirus vaccine. Polio + Pneumococcal infections
  • 10 weeks (2 ½ months)
    DTPw / DTPa, HiB+ Rotavirus vaccine, Polio + Pneumococcal infections
  • 14 Weeks (3 ½ months)
    DTPw / DTPa, HiB+ Polio + Rotavirus vaccine+ Pneumococcal infections
  • 24 Weeks (6 months)
    Polio + Hepatitis B
  • 9 Months
  • 12 Months
    Hepatitis A (1st dose)+ Chickenpox
    Discuss Cholera Vaccine
  • 15 months
    Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  • 18 months
    DTw / DTPa+ HiB+ OPV+Pneumococcal infection
  • 2 Years
    Typhoid + Hepatitis A (2nd dose)
  • 4-5 Years or before school entry
    DTPw / DTPa+Polio+ Typhoid Measles, mumps, rubella
  • 8-10 years
    Discuss Typhoid vaccine and cervical cancer vaccines
  • 10-16 years
    Hepatitis B (check with your doctor if not already immunized previously – 3 doses) tetanus/DT
  • 15-19 years
    DTw / DTPa+ HiB+ OPV+PneumDiphtheria, tetanus/DT Rubella (for girls)ococcal infection

    Cloudnine, Bangalore’s pediatric care is the best in the country, delivered by a team of experts across fields. Feel free to now consult the best doctor online to address your child’s issue. We understand Children. Cloudnine, Bangalore is their happy place.

    1. Instant Chat with Doctors via Cloudnine, Bangalore’s app
    2. 5 Lakh+ Happy Customers
    3. 7 Cities
    4. 16+ Centers across India
    5. NABH Certified*
    6. Trusted Experts with 35+ years of Experience
    7. 80K+ Deliveries
    8. Level III NICU
    9. #1 Women’s care hospital chain in India


    1. What is Doorstep Baby Vaccination on Cloudnine, Bangalore?

    Cloudnine, Bangalore understands that those initial vaccinations are crucial so we insist that you book an online doctor consultation regarding the vaccinations your kid needs and we will be sending our ambulances to your doorstep to provide those important vaccinations to your baby. You can book slots via Cloudnine’s “It’s our baby app”. Get all the queries answered online through Cloudnine’s Telemedicine services.

    2. How do I book an appointment for Video Consultations?

    Book slots on Cloudnine’s Its Our Baby App on your mobile.

    3. Do I worry about the sanitization of the service providers and the equipment?

    Not at all, we’ve taken every measure to make sure that no mishap takes place.

    4. How should I make a payment?

    Payment can be made through cards, digital wallets and UPI. You can connect with our call centre executives for further details.

    5. Is your payment gateway safe and secure?

    Yes, we have ensured to partner with the best and safest service provider in the industry.

    6. Is this facility available day and night?

    Please check the App for the available time slots. Time slots for the doctors may differ as per their availability.

    7. What happens if my system shuts down or the internet connection stops working right when    the Payment is getting processed?

    If the payment goes through and is done, your appointment will be confirmed. If not, you’ll have to book again.

    Cloudnine Hospital, Bangalore is determined more than ever to help secure the future of our country and children are India’s future!

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