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Stem Cell Banking


Save your newborn’s Stem Cells with Cryonine because they may one day save you, your baby’s or a loved one’s life.

Cryonine is a Cloudnine initiative, which offers you a chance to preserve your baby’s stem cells at the time of delivery. Our Cryonine Experts at Cloudnine Mumbai provide you with every piece of information regarding stem cell treatment, stem cell transplantation and its procedure, so that you can make a well-thought decision and freeze your baby’s precious stem cells for a healthy future.

At Cloudnine Mumbai, we offer you a wide range of umbilical cord Stem Cell Preservation services. These Cryonine Services (Stem Cell Banking Services) include;

  • Qualified counsellors to give the right information
  • Specimen collections done by trained and certified staff
  • 24×7 specimen collection and processing
  • Comprehensive lab reports
  • Cryonine Special Programs
  • Quality Assurance Program*
  • Client Care Program*
  • Disaster Relief Program*

Cloudnine Mumbai aims to gift every baby a healthy and disease free life. We also offer the best and affordable stem cell banking service in the country, so that no parent is divested of this blessing. Cloudnine is the top Stem cells medical center in Mumbai.

*Ask for client agreement at the Cryonine desk at any of our facilities.

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