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Stem Cell Banking

The Best Stem Cell Banking Hospitals in Chennai

The preservation of stem cells is a medical advancement with numerous benefits. Cloudnine recognizes the need for the preservation of these life-saving cells and offers extensive stem cell services for new parents across the country.

One such facility for new parents has been set up in Chennai. Stem cells have far-reaching benefits. They have specific adaptability to them that allows them to evolve into whatever type of cell is in need, be it blood cells, bone cells, brain cells and much more. This ability to transform makes them incredibly valuable since in the case of accidents and emergencies, these cells can be used to repair muscles and tissues, then go down more medically dangerous routes such as surgery, amputation or even organ replacement.

Cloudnine has introduced stem cell preservation in Chennai, in all its major hospitals ensuring accessibility for all expectant parents in all parts of the city. We use highly advanced technology to extract and store the stem cells of a baby from the umbilical cord. The professionals at Cloudnine understand the importance of the small time frame in which the cells are extracted, and the need to prevent the exposure of these cells to external factors.

Stem cell preservation is a promising prospect and medical professionals have barely scratched the surface of the treasure trove of benefits that come from stem cell preservation. The potential for baby stem cell preservation is quite encouraging, and a lot of research is still underway.

What is Stem Cell Banking?

The safe storage and preservation of these stem cells are crucial. These cells must be extracted, processed and stored in optimal conditions in record time. Cloudnine is home to some world-class facilities and highly trained medical specialists that take the utmost care of the mother and the child as well as the life-saving cells that have been carefully collected, making them one of the best institutes for Stem Cell Banking.

We at Cloudnine can understand and empathise with the immense struggle and pain that the mother goes through while giving birth, and also with the arrival of a precious new life in this world. So we offer care and facilities that offer little to no inconvenience to the patients while extracting these stem cells.

Cryonine - Cloudnine Stem Cell Banking Service

We at Cloudnine offer the best stem cell banking services. It is an all-encompassing service that covers the various steps involved in stem cell banking, guaranteeing that you receive exceptional service. Cloudnine’s Stem Cell Banking in Chennai includes benefits like

  • Certified, well-informed professionals
  • Trained and licensed staff for specimen collection
  • Qualified counsellors to give the right information
  • Specimen collections are done by trained and certified staff
  • 24×7 specimen collection and processing
  • Comprehensive lab reports
  • Cryonine Special Programs
  • Quality Assurance Program*
  • Client Care Program*
  • Disaster Relief Program*

Best Stem Cell Centre in Chennai

The future of medical advancement lies in Stem Cells. When you entrust us with the responsibility of these life-saving cells, we put our best foot forward and give you the very best service we can offer.

There is a lot of care required in the handling of stem cells. Our professionals have years of experience and professional expertise to deal with these and can manage any day-to-day issues that may arise and can handle individual patients' needs. They have tried and tested methods that assure the highest level of comfort and higher-than-average rates of success. Our compassion and patience are renowned and we show immense sensitivity to patients from all stages of life.

*Ask for client agreement at the Cryonine desk at any of our facilities.

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