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Stem Cell Banking

Stem Cell Banking in Chandigarh

Stem cells are cells extracted from the umbilical cord of a newborn child and preserved using cryogenic methods for years on an end. The versatility of the cells to adapt into any other type, be it bone cells, muscle cells or even brain cells is what makes them invaluable. They can save one’s life from several life-threatening diseases, and reduce the chances of organ replacement or removal through surgery, simply by fixing the damaged areas. Despite all these numerous health benefits, the entirety of the benefits is yet to be discovered, thus only increasing its worth.

There is a lot of misinformation and fear surrounding this procedure. Sometimes it is even considered overly expensive. But Cloudnine, known as the most promising stem cell preservation in Chandigarh dispels all these fears and offers payment plans and packages to ensure that you do not compromise the health of your child.

Cloudnine, India’s leading chain of maternity and childcare facilities has long back recognized the importance of these stem cells. It is a provider of all stem cell-associated services, from their timely extraction to their lab analysis, to finally the cryogenic storage of these cells.

The best stem cell preservation in Chandigarh

Baby Stem Cell Preservation is just one of the many services offered by Cloudnine. They are also responsible for the best Stem cell Banking hospital in Chandigarh, offering the latest cutting-edge technology, experienced consultations, and incredibly supportive staff and medical professionals. A Cloudnine facility for stem cell preservation will offer -

  • Highly qualified professionals that provide advice, information and counselling
  • Trained and certified staff for sample collection and analysis
  • Round-the-clock collection and sampling of the specimen
  • Detailed and comprehensive lab reports
  • Special cryonine programs
  • Quality assurance program*
  • Client care Program*
  • Disaster relief Program*

The professionals at Cloudnine have invaluable experience and are very knowledgeable in their specific fields, thus allowing them to calmly deal with any stressful issues or complications that may arise during the extraction process.

The extraction process in itself is a little complex and involves a lot of steps. There is a particular time frame in which the cells need to be carefully extracted from the umbilical cord. These cells need to be then processed and stored in appropriate temperatures and conditions, enabling them to be preserved for several years on end. Apart from just the extraction process, Cloudnine also offers a banking service for stem cells. Cryonine, a facility offered by Cloudnine, is a reliable and trustworthy stem cell bank that will appropriately and safely store extracted stem cells for your kids for up to 18 years. This way, if there is ever a medical emergency, you can always fall back on these life-saving cells.

Here at Cloudnine, providing the best stem cell therapy in Chandigarh to understand the feelings of an expectant mother. We empathise with their pain and their fear for the future of their unborn children. It is why we have professionals who handle these issues with utmost care and sensitivity. Our team of medical professionals, support staff, and doctors go above and beyond to ensure the comfort and relaxed state of mind of the parents and ensure that the stem cell extraction procedure is of absolutely no harm to the mother or the infant. Be it medical, physical, or even mental support, Cloudnine will hold your hand every step of the way.

*Ask for client agreement at the Cryonine desk at any of our facilities

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