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Cloudnine has always been focused on bringing top-notch healthcare to people all over the country. We are proud to add a new collection of home health care services that will help keep you and your family healthy and safe. Our team of experienced phlebotomists will arrive at your doorstep at the chosen time slot and collect the samples.

The blood sample collection from home near me offered by Cloudnine has been a boon to the young and old in the Chennai. You can book a home blood sample collection near me for your elderly parents or other relatives if you are not in the Chennai. In fact, many NRIs have already used our home healthcare services to make sure their beloved elderly folk in Chennai are healthy and safe.

Cloudnine’s highlights for Home Lab Sample Collection
Sample pickup for all prescribed tests throughout your journey right - lab-tests-at-home
Sample collection according to your convenience by our specialists right - lab-tests-at-home
Safety and sanitization protocols will be thoroughly followed during sample collection right - lab-tests-at-home
Samples collected and processed in Cloudnine labs maintaining strict safety and quality standards right - lab-tests-at-home
Reports processed and sent to you in a timely manner through ‘It’s our baby’ app right - lab-tests-at-home
Hassle-free booking, even on Sundays right - lab-tests-at-home
Easy to make payments through ‘It’s our baby’ app right - lab-tests-at-home

Book a home lab sample collection today through ‘It’s our baby app’ or contact your CRE for assistance

Why Cloudnine?

Most people forget to pay attention to their health and often wind up falling sick or having to deal with lifelong health issues. You can stop being a part of this statistic by opting for one of our complete health check-up packages. We will run your samples through a complete check-up and send you a detailed report. You can book an online video consultation with one of the doctors on our website or app and chart a path to better health.

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Additional specialities of Cloudnine:

  1. 1. Extensive diagnostics facilities, dedicated fetal medicine unit, gold-standard 4D technology scanning
  2. 2. Stem cell preservation banking and guidance
  3. 3. Signature maternity programme composed of award-winning prenatal workshops and sessions
  4. 4. Ground-breaking mobile app to help manage countdown to delivery
  5. 5. A conducive environment filled with comfort and care


1. When can I get the lab test done at home?

Once you log on to our website or app and choose the blood test at home near me option, you will be presented with different time slots. You can choose a convenient time slot and our certified staff will be at your doorstep at the appointed hour.

2. What tests does Cloudnine perform at home?

We offer complete health up packages as well as specific lab tests. Once you log on to our website or app, you will be able to see the complete list of all the other services including blood tests near me at home.

3. Do you charge any fee for the home collection of samples?

No, we do not charge a separate fee for collecting home samples for home collection blood tests near me as long as your location lies within a 10 km radius. If you live further, we calculate an additional charge based on how far your location is from the main facility.