Aesthetic genital surgery encompasses a series of procedures involving the vaginal opening. Choose from a range of routines to augment the shape and functioning of the vagina and its peripheral ecosystem.

Aesthetic genital Treatments for Women

Treatment For Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a condition that involves the involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles upon an attempt to penetrate. The degree of pain caused by the condition varies from woman to woman, and can range from mild to unbearable. The treatment of vaginismus is usually a double-barreled approach, with equal weightage given to counselling and medical intervention. As far as treatment goes, Botox has emerged as the most effective remedy, with its injections known to relieve even the most severe muscle spasms. The effects of Botox are known to last in up to 90% of cases, even after the Botox itself has worn off.

G-spot Augmentation

The G-spot is a sensitive, erogenous zone along the anterior wall of the vagina, known to promote arousal, spur orgasms and serve as the harbour for ejaculation. For women who experience inadequate sexual excitement despite stimulation of the G-Spot, a G-Spot augmentation is worth considering. G-Spot enhancement is a breezy procedure that lets you bounce back to your routine almost immediately. The routine, which is performed under local anaesthesia, involves the injection of human-engineered hyaluronic acid into the G-Spot to create a feeling of fullness. So plain-sailing is this procedure, that you could engage in sexual activity as little as four hours after its completion.

Hymenoplasty Procedure

A hymenoplasty, or hymen reconstruction surgery, entails the restoration of a torn or damaged hymen. The routine is generally favoured by those for whom an unblemished hymen holds value in a cultural or religious context. During a hymenoplasty procedure, the outer folds of a torn hymen are carefully sewn back together using microsutures. The surgery leaves no scarring, with the hymen appearing unseamed and smooth to the naked eye.

Labiaplasty Procedure

A labiaplasty is a form of cosmetic vaginoplasty that seeks to enhance the appearance of the female genitalia by carving, shaping and modelling the labia lips into symmetrical semicircles. The shaping of the labia lips can follow two approaches: one, where the rim of the labia lips is preserved, and the other, where it is hewed. Your surgeon will discuss the shape and aesthetics of the rim with you beforehand, to seek your inputs.

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Cosmetic vaginal surgery is a breakthrough technique that aims to tighten a vagina that has slackened due to genetic factors, ageing, menopause or pregnancy. Excessive labial tissues can cause pain, discomfort and a deep-rooted negative body image. The procedure trims sagging tissue to create a neat, tidy and taut vaginal opening.



The first look at your new baby is a heady feeling that puts you on cloud nine as soon as you get the news! Holding a part of you close to your heart is certainly one of the most fulfilling and blissful moments you may experience.

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Our specially trained Maternity Care Executives will visit you at your home to provide professional care. There are three options that you can choose from:

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The programs consist of personalized care and guidance in infant and mother care, post-operative wound care, assistance in breast feeding, guidance in burping techniques, helping to deal with post-partum depression, parental counselling and other do’s and don’ts for first time mothers.

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