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To be the kind of leader in the space of women and health that India has not witnessed yet, by providing premier quality healthcare to women and children.

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Our aim is the pursuit of excellence in providing the best maternal and neonatal care by setting higher standards for ourselves and striving constantly to achieve them.

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Achieve clinical excellence by inculcating a culture of continuous quality improvement across all domains with the center of focus being patient safety.

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    Our Values

a518384c a65a 4476 9b2d 8e707ab75041 - Vision and ValuesRespect
Respect everyone and each other, always.
We act with the utmost respect for all, treating others as we ourselves would wish to be treated – with courtesy, empathy and wholehearted compassion. We are a place where care and respect go hand in hand, and dignity is always upheld to the highest degree.
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Forever leading, inspiring and innovating.
Taking pride in a longstanding history of innovative excellence, our mind-set is to always challenge the status quo and work to bring about a better future, today. Always working collaboratively, we take proactive action to seek solutions in pursuit of progress.
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Customer Centricity
It’s all about the customer.
We know our customers. We understand their needs, wants and expectations, sometimes better than they do themselves. As an attentive, insightful care provider, we work as a team to ensure we are right there when we are needed the most reassurance built upon closeness, competence and comprehension.
integrity - Vision and Values
Inspire integrity, transparency and trust.
Our word is our bond. Integrity informs every action we take, as does honesty, accountability, fairness, and humility. Trust underpins our dependability as a team in the eyes of our customers, employees, and stakeholders. It’s a reputation we are proud to continue to uphold.
The world around us may transform irreversibly, but our Cloudnine values will serve as the guiding light to all of us while we navigate through the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. I am sure as you read this articulation of our values, you will easily relate them to numerous examples in your own life.
We will shortly be reaching out to all of you through several workshops and help you internalize these values, and give them life through your actions- truly in the Cloudnine way!
We’re incredibly proud of the work that we do at Cloudnine and thank all the employees, our doctors and customers who have anchored our growth. We owe this to all of you.

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