Weaning – a Challenge

img1 - Weaningwearing mob - WeaningWEANING is defined as the process of transition from breastfeeding to giving solid foods to babies in a gradual manner. It is also named as Complementary feeding since Breast milk support is not totally tapered. Why Is Weaning a Challenge? The million dollar question on what to feed bubs after they cross 6 months is something that requires lot of insight clubbed with knowledge and forethought right from the stage of planning to preparation to feeding the baby. Be Prepared For the Unprepared! Trying a new food and also setting a new regime is always a challenging feature for young moms mainly for reasons related to the digestibility of the baby, where variety, nutrition, taste, texture, appearance and ease of preparation have to be considered by and large.As a general rule, stick to what your traditional foods are rather than something you have been suggested by a neighbor or by some internet site!Standard Milestones of Baby GrowthMedically a baby doubles its birth weight by the time it is 5 months (muscular, skeletal growth, increase in fat content growth of organ tissues) and triples its birth weight by the end of a year. This growth standard accommodates the fact that babies start expending energy as they start growing after six months through crawling, learning to sit, stand, walk etc. Then, breast milk can no longer be regarded as complete food at this stage since breast milk is not complete and completely enough to accommodate the growing nutrient needs.Recommendations On Weaning StandardsThe secret behind enabling healthy intake for babies at this stage of 6 months to a year commences with an understanding of the pattern of growth.WHO recommends that infants start receiving complementary foods at 6 months of age in addition to breast milk, initially 2-3 times a day between 6-8 months, increasing to 3-4 times daily between 9-11 months and 12-24 months with additional nutritious snacks offered 1-2 times per day, as desired.

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