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Importance of Physiotherapy In Women’s Health

September 8, 2022

In today's world where women are as independent as they can be. Competing to redefine the existing gender roles, claiming more authority and freedom for themselves and trying to prove their potential to the fullest. However, in the process of fighting for their rights and making a way for themselves, it’s usually their health that is on the stand.

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Did you know that every:

Whether you’re pregnant, a new mother, awaiting or recovering from a gynaecological surgery or simply wanting to take control of your health and wellbeing, women’s health Physiotherapy may be what you’re looking for!

There is an increased amount of awareness and attention with respect to women’s health in recent times, when a woman continues to play multiple roles in her life, leaving her with literally no time at all to attend to herself.  Many women would be unaware of how physiotherapy can help you after childbirth or major gynaecological surgery. Lifestyle changes associated with normal physiological processes like middle and old age, menstruation and menopause have significantly been affecting women’s bodies at an alarming rate. Most women assume that this is a normal process and they should adapt themselves accordingly and continue with their routines as very little can be done. There are many issues with recovering after having a baby that women feel are ‘normal’ and simply have to deal with. A woman’s body goes through many changes and some issues may arise such as bladder or bowel issues including incontinence, pelvic pain and diastasis recti (tummy separation) often resulting in backache, hip pain, perineal pain, breast pain and tenderness and even increased fatigability. This is exactly where a women’s health physiotherapist can perform a miraculous job.

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Women’s Health Physiotherapy involves the assessment and planned customised therapeutic treatment specific to various health problems affecting women of all ages, with adequate knowledge of the physiological differences and the impact of hormonal changes on their bodies as well as their minds. Considering the various health concerns of women which are as widespread as the role of women themselves in all phases of life and include everyone from young athletes to postmenopausal women. Most of us women can attest that we are just built differently than men. From differences in hormones to the unique stresses of pregnancy, our bodies go through a lot in a lifetime. Physiotherapy during pregnancy is concerned with the promotion of health throughout the child-bearing period, to help the mother to adjust profitably not only to the physical and psychological but also the mental changes of pregnancy and the postnatal period, so that the stressful experiences of child-bearing are minimised.

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Physiotherapy during the obstetric period involves a series of gentle exercises that help prepare the patient for delivery including prenatal care and management, preparation for childbirth (anatomy of the pelvis, mechanism of childbirth, signs of labour, breathing and pain control during labour), treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies (backache, pelvic floor problems, respiratory mechanics) and postpartum assessment and rehabilitation (postpartum exercises and return to work).

 The other applications include:

  • To prevent pelvic floor dysfunctions.
  • To prepare for and aid recovery after any gynaecological surgery.
  • Conservative treatment of bladder and/or bowel problems with pelvic floor exercises.
  • Treatment of sexual dysfunction related to the pelvic floor muscles.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy is a vital component in a woman’s life in order to stay fit and healthy thus aiming to empower every woman to understand their symptoms and guide them on their road to recovery.

“Women’s Health Physiotherapy empowers women to recognize how their bodies work and take charge of their well-being.”

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