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Our journey to pregnancy and then having a baby has been one filled with all kinds of emotions and difficulties and yet the most fulfilling one We’ve had our fair share of disappointments in the initial phase which made us feel utterly dejected and led us to doubt our ability to have a baby of our own. Our belief was restored when we encountered a doctor like yourself, learned and distinguished in your expertise yet so patient, kind and caring. Intially we were unsure if we could afford the expenses but our faith in a good doctor and the best facilities encouraged us to do all we could to go through the whole journey despite the expenses not being that easy on us. Now, we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl by the grace of God. Our gratitude to you, Dear Dr. , knows no bounds and we remain truly indebted. Your constant care, assuring and expert guidance in the kindest way have enabled us to find the resolve to go through this difficult journey. Despite all the testing times and difficult moments, our journey has been most fulfilling and life changing. We thank you sincerely for being a part of it. We are also eternally grateful to all the staffs for providing us with the best and impeccable services throughout our journey. Thank you so much ma’am. May god bless you always. Much love to you.
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