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I was suffering from abdominal pain. During my consultancy with Dr Archit Pandit, I came to know that I was suffering from endometriosis and adenomyoma. Dr.Uma (gynecologist) referred me to Dr Bhavana Banga in 2017. After first meeting with doctor, I found she is energetic and caring for patient. Dr Bhavna, started the procedure in 2017 and embryo was formed. My first FET was done in August 2018 which was not successful. After that the problem reoccurred and I went under two more surgery for endometriosis and adenomayoma in next five year. That period was so depressing for me. During this period Dr Bhavna kept in touch with us with full support and provided necessary consultancy. Next FET was conducted in Nov 2021 which was success. During this five year Dr Bhavna supported and advised us, she kept in touch with us , she even provided the consultancy on whats app. Her positive attitude gave me a positive result. But best and most important part was that my doctor was with me at every moment of time...from day one of consultancy, to embryo formation and even after the delivery. She is very sincere and so transparent. She guided me at every step since day one, sharing full responsibility and detailing of every step of procedure. During the whole journey she was there for me. I always wish best of best for Dr. Bhavna and great successful life. Thank you doctor for being so kind and generous towards us.
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