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It’d been three years of trying when we decided to get checked up by an infertility expert. We asked our gynaecologist for the same and she referred us to Dr. Bhavna Banga. When you were trying for such a long time and with so much information available on internet about IVF and its processes your mind will feel like very clear what you intent to do still its clouded. We visited Dr. Banga in start of 2022 and in the first visit she asked for couple of checkups for both of us and ended up suggesting Laparoscopy to be done. As I said, the mind always plays a game though clear but clouded, we decided to hold for a month and let’s go for it in the next month. I had to be in the day care for the same and the laparoscopy raised the curtains what was going on inside my body. She explained tiny bit of the results with utter detail and guided us for the next step. While all the communication was going on, she was quite active in responding to queries, that too on WhatsApp and for any query I hardly remember a day it ever took time for her to respond. We were not available for couple of months, so the IVF cycle we went through in almost mid of 2022. When you are already riding a roller coaster and few unwanted queries come from someone you hardly know leads to shoot up the level of anxiety you are already going through. One patient right beside me asked, this is your first cycle, the second question my mind asked meaning there could be multiple and you need to be ready for multiple failures. Though was trying to make my mind understand the same, it’s really difficult in the situation I was in. Only the person can understand who is actually going through the same. Still I held my feelings, mouth zipped, didn’t talk to my husband even about the same, I was already anxious, why to make him anxious too with such unwanted thoughts when one is already in it. Bhavna Ma’am suggested to get the FET done in next month or may take a break of a month or two, get refreshed, have a calm mind and then get it transferred. But we didn’t want to wait at all, so we requested to get the FET done in the said month itself. The day arrived, when FET was done, post the procedure we met Bhavna Mam and she asked for some do’s & don't s. I knew the drill after the FET so was ready with the pregnancy test kit, didn’t tell my husband that I am going to do the test, same reason curiosity and anxiety. Right before the day of the pregnancy test, Bhavna ma’am messaged to do the urine test as well as beta HCG. We did the test, it was one dark line, the 2nd line was so dull and we were totally devastated. Still my husband was not ready to accept, he said beta HCG is still pending and that will confirm the actual result, so let’s wait for the lab to open (7:30 AM). We threw the test result tube in the dustbin and went for beta HCG to be done. The lab was still not open, the opening time was 8:00 AM on that day. At the same time we messaged Bhavna mam about the urine test and informed that we are going for Beta HCG. She asked us click a picture of the urine test tube and send it to her. I took out the tube from dustbin and clicked a picture and sent it around 7:45 AM and now was waiting for her reply. In the meanwhile we did beta HCG and asked for the result by when can it be available, he replied, it should be there by evening, meaning we need to wait the entire day to know the results. Her reply came, it said “This is positive”. We both were in tears and words will fall short in explaining the same. The hospital remains closed on Sunday, she had some work that day so she asked if we can visit her. Around mid day we were there. While we were waiting and she was attending another patient, the Beta HCG report came from the lab and yes it was positive as ma’am said. And YES It was our FIRST FET and it was successful. Post three months of guided checkup we returned back to the gynaecologist for further checkups of pregnancy period. Then, hooh, we met Bhavna mam with our little munchkin after his first vaccination and she was so happy to meet him. An amazing, full of tears, full of joy, full of hope roller coaster ride of almost 1 and a half year. THE HURRY AND THE WAIT!! We are so grateful to her for everything.
Kailash Colony

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