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Today I am feeling great to share my experience and my journey of pregnancy and I am very thankful to Almighty and after that off course my doctor. Dr. Bhavna Banga. It took five year to have an angel. Actually I was suffering from problem of endometric and dermoid ovarian cyst. Due to which my egg quality was poor and count was also low. After getting operated for dermoid cyst, I tried for one year but there was no results. With doctor advise, we gone through IVF procedure with three times embryo transfer but every time I faced my frustration. That period of time was so depressing for me. With ageing, my egg count was also coming down. I was totally broken. Then one of my friend suggested for Dr. Bhavna as she conceived under Dr. Bhavna's treatment. After first meeting with doctor, I had some hope as Dr Bhavna was so energetic and hopeful for me. Even though the embryo formed was low in number and average grade but I still had energy as my doctor was hopeful. Positive attitude gave me a positive result. But best and most important part was that my doctor was with me at every moment of time...from day one to even after the delivery. She is very sincere and so transparent, guided me at every step since day one, sharing full responsibility and detailing every step of procedure. I always wish best of best for Dr. Bhavna.
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