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"Few words from bottom of our heart Its been 10 years long that we got married and since then we had been trying for a baby. But everything went against us to get Rashmi conceived naturally. After failing the natural way to get conceived, we had consulted numerous doctors in Odisha for getting conceived through different medical methods, but failed in every attempt. All these failed attempts broke our hopes, that we can have our own biological child. But perhaps The All mighty had some other plans for us. After trying for 10 long years in getting proper medical supports, fortunately one day one of my senior colleagues advised us to consult Doctor Bhavna with a very positive recommendation. My colleague had undergone IVF treatment under the supervision of Dr Bhavna and they were blessed with a baby boy few years back. This gave us a new ray of hope after so many failures that we had faced in the past ten years. Finally, we visited Dr Bhavna. We both were little nervous prior meeting Dr Bhavna, but from the very first day of our meeting & conversation, we found her very cooperative and felt a positive vibe about her. She took her time in counselling us and assured us for best of her efforts to have our own biological child. One thing I remember that she advised us to forget all the past, feel relaxed and enjoy our stay at Delhi. All her words made both of us very comfortable & relaxed. Subsequently during her course of treatments, she guided us time to time not only as a treating doctor but also as a family member. Later on, in the month of Feb’2022 we had the much-awaited confirmed news about Rashmi’s twin pregnancy. This was one of the best ever news that our family had heard in the last ten years and all this was possible due to Dr Bhavna’s sincere efforts. Finally on 04/11/2022, Rashmi gave birth to twin babies. It is a miracle, for which I thank The All mighty and Dr Bhavna that we had one girl and one boy baby which is a rare thing in case of twin babies. Finally we could have our own biological children for which we had almost lost the hope after failing for long ten years. We have literally experienced the saying – Bhagwan ke ghar der hai par andher nahin. It will be very unfair here, if I don’t quote about the efforts of the support staffs of Dr Bhavna who remained equally cooperative & caring throughout the journey.We both express our sincere gratitude to Dr Bhavna and her team who made our dream come true and pray to Lord Jagannath to bless them in all their endeavors to bring smile & happiness on many faces like us"
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