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I would like to share our journey, my wife and i with you, My wife and i are sudanese nationals, We are married since October 2016, No kids. It all started when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer on July 2019, immediately after the diagnose we travelled to Delhi seeking better treatment , After starting the treatment by my wife undergoing Lumpectomy surgery and before we start the chemotherapy we thought to freeze some embryos, We were advised by a friend to see dr BHAVNA BANGA since her reputation precedes her, for the embryo freezing and after it was successfully done by her, we then proceeded with the cancer treatment, chemo and then the radiation, tough times but we were patients and had the proper guidance and we chose the best in delhi so we passed successfully through these tough times and procedures and above all surely i have a very strong and lovely wife who endured alot with patience and beautiful gracefulness ❤️ After we finished the treatment we went back to sudan and Stayed for 2 years in which we were in full contact with our beloved dr bhavna then in the end of September 2021 we came back to delhi and resumed the procedure with dr bhavna banga, and since my wife's case was a little complicated a( CA surviver) the procedures were very delicate and alot of medical precautions has to be taken and carefully considered thanx to dr bhavna every thing went well as planned and the retrival was done by her ..... And we waited impatiently and anxiously for 10 days for the (lab result) * We cant describe the happiness we felt and the joy tears that was shed that day when the pregnancy test result was POSITIVE 😍 And thanx to god and to the max hospital and to dr. Bhavna banga 😍Now we are blessed with a one month cute healthy baby girl. Thanx dr bhavna 💐💐
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