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Sneha's Letter To Her Daughter

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Photo: Ojasvi

A few days ago Cloudnine shared Sneha’s story, a mother who had delivered at Cloudnine on her perspective of ‘My Story of Being on Cloudnine’. Now we want to share a beautiful letter written by Sneha to her daughter just after a fortnight after she was born at Cloudnine and she made sure it was up on the Internet for others to read. A must read for expecting moms and new moms to relate to what Sneha has mentioned.

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pretty woman holding her baby

pretty woman holding her baby[/caption]Dearest Ojasvi,I am starting this journal for both of us. I hope some day, we’ll read, enjoy and cherish this togetherSo let me start this from when I was carrying you. I had a pretty easy pregnancy with just a few glitches, and because of the support of your father and your grandparents, I sailed through it pretty happily. I really enjoyed my pregnancy, being pampered, everyone used to fulfill all my wishes (I made sure that everyone was on their toes all the time ) and all the attention showered on me, even by strangers. I had a relatively easy labour too of just 4.5 hours.Must read - When Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test?I was warned beforehand not to expect a perfect cherub and that new borns are rather ugly, but you, my dear, were the most beautiful sight of my life, when I heard you cry for the first time, it was music to my earsFew days back when I shampooed your hair, your dadima and the neighbor were saying, “Today she is looking beautiful!” In my head I thought, “Excuse me, what do you mean by today? For me you were beautiful ever since you were just a dot in my ultrasound scans. Pardon my paranoia.On one hand, I want you to be a grown up soon and on the other hand I want the time to freeze so that I can enjoy your infanthood.Now for some fact and figures :Birth weight : 3.06 kgHeight : 47cmHead Circumference : 37.5 cmBlood Group : B+veBorn in : LDR1, Cloudnine Hospital, Old airport road, BangaloreDoctor : Dr Praveena ShenoiThat’s all for now. Will write more when you allow me toLots of love,MaMust read - How To Handle Leg Cramps During Pregnancy?