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CEO and MD- Dr. R. Kishore Kumars Speech

We at ‘Cloud Nine Care’ celebrate life…every day. What can possibly be a greater celebration of life than the welcoming of a ‘new life’ to this world!

Every baby that enters this world gives us a reason to celebrate life, a reason to wonder at the joy of creation and the beauty of nature. They are embodiments of beauty and innocence, and it is our duty to give them the best care and nurture them.

We, at Cloud Nine Care, make it our goal to provide the best care to expectant mothers and their ‘bundles of joy’.

The two most important people for every member associated with Cloud Nine Care is the ‘mother’ who trusted us enough to make us part of perhaps the most important event of her life, and the ‘baby’ who will see the first light and hear the first sound inside the premises of our hospital. As such we make every effort to make your experience with us the most comfortable and memorable.

Cloud Nine Care was formed with a specific mission in mind. In the words of CEO and Managing Director, Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, “If someone has chest pain and is diagnosed with cardiac problems, the care that he gets in a city such as Bangalore is not different from what he would get in New York or London, whereas for a pregnant woman or a newborn baby, the care that they get in India is at least 10 years behind schedule”.

Thus, with an aim to bridge the gap between facilities available in India and the West, Dr. Kishore laid the foundation for Cloud Nine Care. Prenatal care and the birthing process were to be given the topmost priority in this facility.

Cloudnine Bangalore commenced operation on 23rd January 2007. The First set of Babies were born on 25th January – 2007.

The biggest challenge for Cloud Nine Care was achieving a childbirth survival rate which was unheard of in India. This mammoth task demanded the best child-care expertise, technology and trained professionals along with thoughtful implementation of the core ideas and values.

Four years down the line, we can say that we are charting new and impressive heights with each passing year.

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Behind Cloudnine Care Dr Kishore Kumar is the CEO and MD, of Cloud Nine Bangalore - a venture of Kids Clinic (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd. Kids Clinic is promoted by Dr. Kishore Kumar along with Scrips N Scrolls India Pvt. Ltd. Dr Kishore Kumar, a renowned “global” neonatologist having qualified and worked in 4 continents including India, USA and UK along with over 12 years of experience in Australia.

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Scrips N Scrolls India Pvt. Ltd. is a company engaged in the activity of Property development and investments, established in the year 1992. The company has completed a number of prestigious projects in and around Bangalore.

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