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Tested Positive for Pregnancy? Here’s What to Do


The first thing to do is to schedule an appointment with your obstetrician.

What to expect on your first visit?

You would be asked about the detailed history about present pregnancy and past medical conditions of yours and your family members.Basic blood tests like blood group, haemoglobin, blood sugar and certain serological tests would be suggested.Book an online appointment with Dr. Dharini Bai for gynecology related issuesFirst, ultrasonography would be scheduled at the optimum time to know the number of pregnancy sacs and fetus, accurate dating, viability and to see if there are any uterine or ovarian conditions.Do not hesitate or panic if asked to have vaginal sonography as it is more accurate at this stage of pregnancy.


Start with the recommended dose of folic acid supplement, if you are not already on prenatal supplements.


It should be light, nutritious, easily digestible rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins and should be of your choice.Read More : “Before The Beginning” – Preconception Nutrition Guideline


You can continue your usual activities throughout pregnancy but try to avoid hard and strenuous work.Be in bed for 8 hrs at night and 2 hrs at noon.Read more: Preconception Planning: A Sure Shot Way to Healthy Pregnancy


If you are not troubled with any medical or pregnancy complications, any kind of moderate exercise can be opted. Try to avoid activities with high risk falling and injury to tummy.[caption id="attachment_23254" align="alignnone" width="500"]

Pregnancy exercise

Pregnancy exercise[/caption]


Travel by vehicle on roads causing jerks to be avoided, rail route is preferred.


As per the recommendations, coitus is to be avoided in the first trimester.


Almost all the drugs used in pregnancy can cross the placenta and can affect the baby.Want to consult a Gynecologist doctor? Book Online Consultation with the best Gynecologist in IndiaYour caregiver will prescribe medicines that are well tested and in minimum dosage, only if the benefit outweighs the potential risks.Relax and embark on the joyful journey of pregnancy!Watch video on Checklist before Pregnancy for a Healthy Baby

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